So you can work from wherever you want and build in more flexibilty and freedom to your busy mumlife.

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So you can work from wherever you want and build in more flexibilty and freedom to your busy mumlife.

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Dreaming about launching your own online business
so you can have more freedom and flexibility but
stuck on how to get started?

We can help.

We’ve helped hundreds of women launch a successful online business and what I can say for sure is it isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you’re a mum and already juggling all the balls.

But the good news is; it is entirely possible with the right insights, knowledge and people helping you (that is us fyi)

From crafting an idea so it feels fulfilling to work on everyday; to understanding monetisation and income projections to ensure your business is profitable; to designing an engaging brand and platform to ensure you have flexibility; and of course having a plan to get your first sales so you can build yourself an income on your own terms; there is so much to take into consideration to ensure your business is set up to not only be successful but also immensely rewarding.

Take a few wrong turns and it is easy to get overwhelmed going around in circles, stuck in inaction or further down the path realising what you have set up is not right. pause with inaction while life whirls by and the longing to start an online business so you can live on your terms only gets itchier.

It is entirely possible to have your dream business set up by not only experts but also spearheaded by a mum who totally understands the mental load we carry each day and who teaches a philosophy of self-care by working smarter not harder. 


Start making an income online faster and smarter with our industry expertise and insights, and your dedication and energy.


Worrying you won’t have the time or now isn’t the right time, or that the market is too saturated or that your idea might not be profitable or that you don’t have the right skills or you aren’t passionate about an idea are all regular concerns of women that we work with and the good news is, if you really want to launch your online business we can help you move through every single one of those concerns so you have a clear plan to move forward and it is all about learning how to work smarter instead of harder in the time you have.

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Join the #businessjump family and be supported by a tribe of like-minded women all working together to learn, master and reap the rewards of being their own boss.

“I started with zero tech or website knowledge” 

“I’ve been in the membership for over 3 years now”

“I knew there was something more I could be doing”

“I was very nervous because I had no business knowledge”

“The expertise and insights I received were so invaluable”

“They helped me find purpose and something that I love”

We create a blueprint plan for you to follow based on your strengths, circumstances and personality traits so you’ve got a business plan that works for you, not against you.

In three simple steps:



Stage one is all about getting to know you, what you stand for and what you want out of your business so we can align the right plan with your goals. We follow my signature CTP Method to look at things like whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, are you a planner or do you like to work on the fly, do you like to write or do you prefer to do videos. All of these pieces form into a business concept and model that is designed for success.



Stage two is all about designing your branding and your platforms so they not only look professional but they also perform as efficiently as possible to attract and convert sales. We craft your cornerstone elements your business needs to stand out from the crowd using your brand story, brand aesthetics and unique selling point so the foundations of your brand are in place from day one.



Stage three is all about ensuring you’ve got clarity on the things you need to do to make those sales and grow your online business and ensuring that you are feeling supported and benefiting from our online community which has over 380 like-minded business mums all supporting and learning from each other.

We take through a step by step action plan in small simple steps and show you the behind-the-scenes insights that you need to know to ensure you set yourself up for success and nail it first time round.

Having an idea for what your business is is the gateway to getting started but did you know approx 80% of the people we work with don’t have an idea yet? We will help you find and validate the perfect idea using our CTP Method because this is one of the most important parts to get right.

There are many different ways to monetise an online business and they all have pros and cons. We will take you through all the options and suggest the one we think will work best based off our expertise and industry knowledge.

The way your business looks, feels and acts is so important to capture and retain attention so people understand who you are and what you stand for. We have a team of professional designers that know how to create engaging branding that will help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s not enough to just have a business idea, you need a strategy to go with it. Using our strategy system of mindset > audience > traffic > leads > sales, we break it down into a custom strategy for your business idea. We also help you come up with your unique selling point to separate you from your competition.

The tech side of running a business can sometimes be overwhelming, and where a lot of people get stuck. We set up all your accounts for you, and guide you on the most user friendly options for running your business.

While the look of your website is important, we also know that your website needs to do more than just look good. We design your website with your target audience in mind, so that you can build trust, make connections, and convert sales.

Included in this package is an instrumental e-course which teaches you an insightful strategy to continue growing your business that takes most new businesses months or years to figure out. It covers social media, sales conversions and automations.

With regular coaching calls and guest expert masterclasses you’ll never be alone trying to figure it out by yourself. Our clients only Facebook group is more like a family, where Nat and the team offer ongoing support for any questions you may have about your website and the running of your business. With the added bonus of surrounding yourself with people who have started a business just like you.


Nat and her amazing team worked with me right from the beginning to develop a concept that suited me and my lifestyle and then supplied me with all of the tools I needed to get started. A beautiful website that I am so proud of, ongoing support and easy to follow training to understand how to grow my business into a success”

Andrea Geddes


“Business Jump have found my purpose, one that I didn’t even know existed! Having them come up with the ideal business for me, and then work with me to make it successful has been amazing. I would have never done it on my own”

Naomi Dorland

“The head start Business Jump gave me into my business has been instrumental in its success and Nat doesn’t just set up a business, she teaches you how to grow and evolve with it. I am so proud with what I have achieved and created all along with Nat’s support by my side.”

Marissa Towndrow

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We offer a 7-day cooling off period for you to work with us and see whether we are the right fit for you.

If we aren’t we will refund you 100%. 


Included: The CTP Method?


The CTP Method is all about understanding how to align a low cost, low time but high profit strategy to your online business which is what we do when we work with every single client we create a plan for. We are also mums, we know spare time is like gold dust but we also know mums yearn to have more freedom and flexibility so we use this frame work to create the path of the least resistance to help you work on the impact areas of starting your business.

Included: Business Jump Family

Run by Natasha Stewart and her incredible team the Business Jump Family is now a 380 member strong online community where we all support and hold each other accountable. Many members have been in the membership for 3+ years and have grown their online businesses with the #businessjumpfamily supporting and cheering them on from the sidelines. Also included are coaching calls with Nat and regular expert masterclasses to help you grow your online business.

Included: Jump Starter e-course

Included within this package also comes the Business Jump Starter e-course which details the plan you need to continue following and implementing after we finish working with you in a 1:1 capacity so you know what to do to attract and convert sales for your business. It provides an outline of social media, automation and ways to scale your online business so you always have a roadmap to follow which helps you get from A-B as quickly as possible.

At Business Jump We Believe….

We believe...

An online business can lead you to your purpose and an extraordinary sense of fulfilment.

We believe...

A business can be designed to work for you and make your life easier, not harder.

We believe...

Keeping things simple is key to moving through confusion and overwhelm to gain momentum and to piece everything together. 

We believe...

Creating a successful business is just a skill that anyone can learn with motivation.

We believe...

On the other side of fear, are the most beautiful experiences.

We believe...

In taking our energy and time levels into consideration and creating a business that will flow with us instead of against us.

We believe...

Working within our zone of genius and understanding our strengths builds success faster.

We believe...

In customising your business around your strengths and the things that come naturally.

We believe...

We are so much more capable than what we give ourselves credit for and we learn this when we are pushed into new spaces.

Who is Business Jump & Nat?

Business Jump founder, and mum of four, Natasha Stewart regularly bares all with her tribe of a collective forty thousand mothers and business owners, sharing stories of not just her learnings in business but the real and raw events that shaped who she is today, such as an unlawful firing, postnatal depression, two miscarriages, a twin pregnancy and weaves within it, how she mindfully runs a successful business so you can learn how to do that too.

Nat has been in business for over 16 yearsbuilt and sold multiple businesses, been featured in the media and says that connected and heart-centred client relationships are her proudest moments in business.

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