Hi my name is Caroline Partridge, mum to Charlotte 7 and Matilda 5 & I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Tell me a bit about what you were doing before you got in contact with Business Jump?

So before I contacted Business Jump, I had been blogging for about 9 months, on a website I had created from scratch myself. I had been sharing our allergy journey on a Facebook page, and writing about our journey. There really wasn’t much structure to it, and it had grown organically.

Why did you want to start your own business, what is your why?

After being blessed with a child with multiple food allergies, I was passionate about getting allergy support and info to other families who were on the allergy journey. I knew there was a lot of information out there, but so much of it wasn’t reliable or helpful, basically none was written by the people actually living the experience. I wanted other mums to know they were not alone, and for people to get some idea of how this experience really feels for the kid, and everyone around them. I wanted to improve the allergy awareness of everyone, so they could help me keep my daughter safe.

How long had you wanted to start a business before you actually took action and took the

I had really been thinking about it for a couple of years. I had studied nutrition at university and loved the idea of coaching people. I love my full time job but knew that one day I might want some more flexibility to be with my family.

If you hadn’t of started your own business what do you think you’d be doing right now?

I would still just be plodding along blogging, reaching a handful of people. I would not have been on the journey of self-discovery this year has brought me. I would just still have been doing all the things I was, and feeling like I hadn’t actually found my place in the world yet!

What have you done differently because of Business Jump that you wouldn’t have done if

Well for starters I have a beautiful website and branding that I could never have done myself. More importantly though, Business Juintroducedced me to a whole new world of mums who are persuing their passions, building their businesses, undergoing amazing personal journies. That is where the power lies, in the people to support you, push you, challenge you each step of the way. The knowledge that has been emparted on me has shaped my journey.

Tell us about your business?

Aussie Allergy Mum helps allergy families on this often difficult allergy journey, through workshops, support groups and a membership for mums who are feeling overwhelmed. The evolution of the business has been guided by the allergy mums who find us, and share what they most need right now.

How did it feel when you got the reins to your business to take out into the world?

I was so scared to be honest. The commitment to really take this thing further, to explore my fullest potential was daunting. But I just knew that this was a path I wanted to be on, and that like with everything in my life, I would just make it work.

How many hours a week do you work on your business?

I probably average around 15 hours per week on my business. I fit it around family and full time work, but love that I can take it anywhere and set my own pace for achievement.

What are some of your most special ‘business wins’ you’ve had to date?

Wow this is hard to answer.

The most recent is the successful launch of my Mum Care Hub Membership, a space for mums to focus on themselves, reduce their overwhelm and get practical tips and support for moving forward & be more present for their families.

Another is hitting 300 members in our group specifically for mums with kids with allergies to find support about their allergy journey.

The third would have to be amazing business partnerships, with businesses such as Kiddipedia, Little Fusspots and The Gut Healing Community.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

In 5 years I would like to be working a little less outside my business, and reaching allergy families all over the world through my workshops. I would also like to have a strong membership that really supports mums.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone thinking about starting their business?

Don’t get caught up in the details. Aussie Allergy Mum has been an evolution of business types and models over the last few months, with complete clarity only coming in the last 1 or 2. Also, surround yourself with like-minded people, who support you. And lean into the challenges.

 Where can we find you?

URL – www.aussieallergymum.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/CarolinePartridgeAussieAllergyMum/
Instagram – www.instagram.com/aussieallergymum/

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