Just last month (May 2018) I was so honoured to be invited by Kochie’s Business Builder’s to share my story on Channel 7 about the growth of Business Jump and what was even better was they asked me to bring along one of my clients so they could feature them as well.

I knew instantly that I would ask Rebecca Searles, who is a client who came to us with a dream of starting a business that we helped set up for her and get her started on the right path which is now flourishing as Family Garden Life and also a gorgeous friend of mine now, largely thanks to our love of having conversations in gifs, drinking wine and keeping it real.

UPDATE: The segment is now live, watch it here:

We check in with Family Garden Life to see how the business has grown

What started off as a small part for Becky in my TV segment for Kochie’s Business Builders we’re doing for Business Jump quickly escalated into her being featured in a major way which I thought was just the best thing since sliced bread and quite funny since I had said to her only a few weeks before that it was time to get her onto TV.

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs like this one, and this one you’ll know that going on TV used to be a major fear of mine.

So many people watching…. Me.

It triggered a series of self-doubt and anxiety thoughts about showing up in front of hundreds and thousands of people that I had to use every piece of mindset work I’ve ever learned to move through.

This time?

It was honestly a piece of cake.

That’s what happens when we face and conquer our fears, but first it is understanding how fear rules and warps our perception.

Once we manage to move through the fear, we realise, it actually wasn’t as bad as we thought and the beauty is we gain valuable skills and wisdom during the process to help us uplevel not only in business but also life.

I knew that the reality of ‘going on TV’ was really just chatting to a producer behind the camera, yet my mind wanted me to believe it was going to be much bigger than what it really was. Sure, the conversation will be played in front of a lot of people, but the actual day? It is just talking about what I do and love doing every day.

Not hard.

Behind the scenes, our amazing publicists, Kathryn from Ruby Agency and Odette from Odette and Co liaised with the producers to pull the whole thing together and we group chatted about all the in’s and outs of the day.

Whilst you don’t need a team when you are first getting started, bringing on people who are experts in their field certainly helps you grow and scale when the time is right and they can nurture and lead you down the right paths to ensure your time is spent wisely focusing on the areas of the business that you need to be in.


Leading up to the day, I had put a lot of thought into why Rebecca’s business has been so successful and here is what can you take away from her:

1. She learns and masters what she needs to. A while ago I recommended an e-course to her and she jumped on it straight away, mastered it and then implemented it. Same deal with another e-course I recommended just last week. Loads of people absorb information but most do not implement it. Becky sees an area of her business she needs to upskill in, learns the skills AND implements it.

2. She is obsessed with her business, but in a good way. It is a common trait among successful business women that we think about our businesses 24/7 not because we have to, but because we love to.

3. She spots an opportunity and goes for it. After learning FB ads, she spotted that she could turn it into an e-course, she saw an opportunity and took action. Same with her videos and now they get picked up by all the media websites.

4. She falls down, just like the rest of us but she gets back up each time.

5. She has a good amount of confidence and doesn’t fold into fear, failure, worry thoughts or if she does, it passes quickly. This is the crux of a good mindset, your thoughts become your reality.

6. She listens and learns about her audience and then creates her content and products around them. For example, she found out that her FB fans LOVE chickens, so anytime she posts something to do with chickens it gets major engagement.

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