Tell us a bit about you?

I am a Mummy to four children who are aged 6, twins who are 4 and my youngest is 1. I am also a wife, volunteer, and now a work from home Mummy with my online business that I launched in August 2017.

Tell me a bit about what you were doing before you got in contact with Business Jump?

I was working in an Office job in 2016 but I was on Maternity leave with my youngest when I contacted Business Jump.

Why did you want to start your own business, what is your why?

I really wanted flexibility to work around my family and their needs. I wanted to work part-time hours that suited me and not have to work around a boss and workplace.

I also wanted to be excited about work again. I am loving learning new skills with my online business. I wake up and I am excited to get stuck into my work.

How long had you wanted to start a business before you actually took action and took the jump?

I had been contemplating what I could do and where I wanted to go “work wise” for probably 7 months or so. When I had my baby in July 2016, I really started wondering what I could do to work around my children. While my office job did have part time/flexible options it still was not as flexible as I need having four young children. I also really wanted the ability to work from home and save on some costs of childcare. At the moment I am able to work some hours while having my youngest is at home and the kids are at school.

I feel that I put my desires about work out to the Universe and it responded. I saw the Facebook Ads for Nat’s business jump business options keep appearing and that started to make me think if this was my answer.

How did it feel when you decided to take the jump and signed up with Business Jump?

I felt excited and nervous all rolled into one. Building, launching and running my own business has been so amazing! Of course, there are many challenges and some really hard days but it is all mixed in with the surreal roller-coaster ride.

Tell us about your Darwin Family Life?

Darwin Family Life is an online hub of resources for families. I showcase local businesses on the website directory but I also have other information for parents of Darwin. I have playgroup and local market info, I do playground reviews all over Darwin, Palmerston and beyond, family friendly events and my blogs. It is a thriving hub and many parents new to Darwin have commented how it has helped them settle into living in Darwin. Darwin is such a transient place (one big reason is the Defence bases here). My aim is to help new and existing families find resources, information, events and businesses that can help them.

Darwin Family Life

How did it feel when you got the reins to your business to take out into the world?

Excited and pumped. I couldn’t stop talking about my business to everyone and anyone that would listen. I still do tend to mention my business in conversations with Mums when I am out and about with my children at various activities or events. It was a bit overwhelming at the start knowing what to work on and when but I have learnt to prioritise now.

How many hours a week do you work on your business?

I am consciously making an effort to try and work Monday/Tuesdays and Fridays. I have 3 kids home on Wednesdays and Thursdays so they are days that are nearly impossible to get anything done except if they all sleep/rest. I try to work in school hours 8.30am to 2.30pm (Mon/Tue/Fri) and then an hour or two at night some nights of the week/weekends. I have my youngest home on Monday and Tuesday so I still juggle working with a toddler under my feet or needing me. I would say most weeks I manage to get between 15-20 hours work in – juggled around the kids.

What are 3 of your most special ‘business wins’ you’ve had to date?

I had literally just launched my website on Friday 25th of August. The following week I met a lady at a small business course who had also just started her own party business. We hit it off straight away and I mentioned my directory and gave her my details. I expected her to check it out and that was pretty much it. Within another week or so she had emailed me to confirm she wanted to sign up on my top package for a whole year! (most businesses opt for the month by month packages.) It was surreal! I was blown away that my first sale was the best it could get – a year sign up on the premium package!

The day of my launch I got excited when Channel 10 one of our local TV stations liked and shared my FB post announcing our Website grand opening. Then a couple of days later an email popped into my inbox from them offering me a TV advertising proposal. I approached four different businesses from my directory and we currently have our 3-month TV advertising deal now showing! Heaps of people now are saying – “Oh I have seen your ad” which is fantastic! It is great exposure for my business and the businesses involved.

When I launched my website, I decided to give majority of my vendors 3 months trial. The lead up to launch was longer than anticipated but that was a blessing in disguise as I focused on growing my socials in that time.  I have just finished the 3-month trial period. It was a crazy intense couple of weeks in the lead up – ensuring that vendors where happy and touching base with people, sending testimonials and reports of stats etc. But my hard work has paid off and I have currently 24 paying vendors!! Which I am totally amazed at! The interest from new businesses to join is also still occurring and I have set reminders to reengage with those businesses who have left for the time being. Bring on 2018 and continuing to grow and expand my business.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I would love to see Darwin Family Life bigger and better –  Ultimately being my only “work”.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone thinking about starting their business?

Believe in yourself. Remember why you want to do this and keep aiming for the stars with your business goals! It will be overwhelming and hard but you can do it. It may feel impossible at the start, but it will get easier! Ask lots of questions and always learn from others. You can do this!

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