The other day I really felt like quitting, selling my business and being done with it.

I was over it.

Hardest day ever.

All of a sudden I felt like being a full-time SAHM was a good option.

I totally freaked Kylie (my project manager) out when I told her I was done and she could have Business Jump.

My story was I’d move out of my house and out of the city.

Into the fresh country air with a scrunchie in my hair and a long flowing dress.

Not a care in the world.

The weight of the world no longer on my shoulders.

In the country, we’d live in a small cottage and I’d be a full-time caring and attentive housewife and let my husband be the breadwinner again.

So much husband/wife angst would be solved right there.

He hates the city and his ego and upbringing doesn’t always deal well with me being the breadwinner.


I fucking quit.

I’ll spend my days cooking and cleaning on a budget and shopping thrifty for the rest of my days.

I’ll make my own soap and laundry detergent to save on costs and do my bit for the environment.

‘Cause I care about stuff like that now.

My days will be spent looking at websites like The Organised Housewife and The Stay At Home Mum to learn how to do all this shit properly.

I’m sure I can learn. If I can grow successful businesses I’m sure I can work out how to SAHM like a ninja.

And, then I caught myself.

Life sometimes likes to slam us.

And boy have I been slammed of late.

What I realised this morning is that it’s not so much business that is stressing me out, but a whole lot of other stuff that is lowering my tolerance levels within my business.

My littlest has had weeks of horrid eczema. He has scabs and scratches all over his face and body and it kills my heart to see him like that. It’s been weeks of having to be emotionally stronger than usual.

I also had a ‘friend’ who tried to overdose in my house, be admitted into a psychiatric ward for two weeks and then steal my possessions and damage my property when she came out. The mixed feelings I have over that play over and over in my mind and haunt me most days. I am looking forward to that experience fading away into the distant past.

So, I am reading this back to myself, thinking wow, this is a bit full on. Maybe I shouldn’t post it.

But, here’s the thing I want to share with you.

We all have shit going on in our lives.

No one gets an ‘I’m more special than you award’ for that.

It’s the way we choose to handle it that matters most.

I could quit… play the victim… play below the line.

Instead, I choose to identify the markers within those situations that can teach me to become stronger, wiser and a better person.

I am going to own it and grow with it.

And not let it defeat me.

Here’s how:

Mindset is first:

According to Tony Robbins, success is 20% strategy and 80% mindset.

By being aware that we have a choice, we can decide whether to be a victim and let the shit in our lives swallow us whole, or see it as a blessing and know that within uncomfortable times we grow and stretch to new levels.

Have a tribe of people:

I have a few go-to people that know how to give me a good kick up the arse and make me start laughing again. Having a tribe of like-minded people that you can count on is one of the best ways to get over shit quickly and move on. It’s the feel good factor you know? But it has to go both ways. You need to be there for them on their bad days as well.

No-one said:

Business was never meant to be easy, and if you think that success will be handed to you on a silver platter without any hard work, then I think you are a little entitled and seriously deluded. Sure, Business Jump has grown to levels I could have only dreamed of in 18 months but it is only because of 10 years of freaking hard work. No one helped me. I worked it out all by myself. Be resourceful, educate yourself, watch and learn. Put it into practice. Test and measure. It comes down to you and you only.

Uplevel time:

Something I heard a while back has always stuck with me and that is, when everything feels like it is spiralling out of control, it is just the Universe preparing us for the next level. This has been true for me every time.

Be accountable:

I am a big one for looking back and trying to see where I went wrong in situations. I don’t like playing the blame game. To grow into our purpose we need to be able to look at our experiences and understand why they were presented to us and find the gold in the rough.

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