Just checked my revenue stats and leaning into the second week this month, and business is already up by 346% compared to last month. This isn’t a “yay me” blog, it is a “holy hell that was an intense 12 months of plateau and figuring things out” and thank god for the second month in a row, stats show us we are growing again.

This growth comes down to a combination of the following income streams I have weaved within business over the last four years including:

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Here is what most people won’t tell you though:

I’ve worked every single day including weekends for six months straight now to push that type of growth.

Some days have been full 8-hour days and other days have been maybe 10 or 20 minutes checking in on an email, the team or a miscellaneous item while wrangling the kids but technically I’ve not had a full day off for six straight months.

Within this I’ve also managed my family (mum of four over here which includes my one year old twins) my mental health (still debatable) and life (busy but always includes self-care and exercise) and managing a team of 6 and pushing my business into flow state again.

First of all though you might be reading this thinking…. Ummmm but Nat, I don’t want to work 7 days a week and how the freak do you even do that with 4 kids?

Firstly, 6 months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life so don’t underestimate the power of consistency, desire and unwavering determination however if you don’t have that type of time (I get it!) it actually isn’t about the amount of time you put in, it is about just how smartly you work with the time you have using some important insights to get exponential growth and I’m going to share with you what some of these insights are as I use them in my own business and also underpin them in the strategy we use for every Business Jump Family member when we are helping them get started as well.

To give you some context, the time I spent working for that six months straight generated over $60,000 in one month for my business. I didn’t even earn close to that in an entire year working at my old full time job. This is the power of positioning and working smarter not harder.

Flow State Is The End Goal:

Most people start a business thinking it will give them the freedom they are craving but the truth is 95% of businesses fail in the first year. The second truth is some people end up working more hours for less money in their business and I can completely understand how this happens.

It is because when we are first starting out we are generally unaware of how to flip a business from a traditional selling your time for money format into a flow state. Flow state means that my hard work has positioned my business into a period where I am flowing down the river instead of feeling like I am trying to swim up stream.

Flow state means I will be able to scale back down my time. It means I will be able to redirect my attention back to my family. It means that I can reinvest the funds back into the business and also take a higher wage and it means I have a business that is working for me because my philosophy in business is that a business should work for you but first, we need to do the work and there will be times where we need to jump back in and do the work again.

The work I’ve done over the last 6 months has now pushed my business back into flow state and what I can see now is that flow state ebbs and flows. For example:

2016 when I started Business Jump was the push to get the balling rolling.
2017-2018 was all about flow state and enjoying business and the freedom it provided for me.
2019 was all about hard work again to progress to the next stage of business (aka the up-levelling)
2020 is now coming back into flow state and I am really excited to see what is around the corner.

We need to go through the ebb and flow to acquire the skills, insights and knowledge to be able to progress to the next stage of business. Everything is an education experience and it is our job as business owners to always be working on solving the challenges to get us back into flow state.

So how do we shortcut ahead and actually get to flow state?

Here is the truth. If your business is setup incorrectly with an unscalable business model you will never be able to flip into flow state. You need to take a few really important factors into account which I detail in my signature CTP Method.

The CTP Method:

A lot of people look at package and see we help setup a business which includes helping you choose a business name, setting up all the accounts, designing your logo and your website and think that is where the value comes in. For sure, we are great at that stuff but sometimes they think they can DIY instead and maybe that is true. However the real value in our package comes from the intangible elements. It comes from within our actual strategy and our expertise in alignment which I encompass in the CTP Method.

The CTP Method is my signature strategy that I’ve built over years of running businesses and that is specifically accountable for taking Business Jump to over two million in four years plus it also factors in some intuitive work when I am personally working 1:1 with a client. 

And no, it has nothing to do with your car but I bet you will remember the name now right?

CTP stands for low Cost, low Time, high Profit and the method is how we compose this strategy. 

When working with our clients we take them through a deep dive into their:

Life and income goals

Because why start a business if you don’t know what you actually want out of it? Or worse still, it isn’t aligned with where you want to go or how much you want to earn. Sometimes this can also be about things that you don’t want, just as much as the things you do want. What is flow state to you? Because it can be anything but to me, it is about having a business that easily generates income and freedom within my life. Not so I can go and buy fancy cars but so I can go to my sons school concert without having to ask permission. Or so I can take my family travelling if I want to. Or so I can work from a cafe, Thailand, the library, from home or a co-working space if I want to.

Values and alignment

Values are things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. For example, some of our clients feel very motivated and called to use their expertise to help and serve other people. Impact and fulfilment is their driver. For others sometimes they aren’t sure just yet and that tells us that their first business is going to serve as a learning and growth opportunity which will lead them into becoming clearer. Some clients just want to make enough to cover the bills and that is totally fine too.

Whether you have formal qualifications or life experience everything and I mean everything accumulates into skills we can use towards an online business. For example, does everyone come to you asking you for advice on a particular topic? Perhaps maybe you suffered from PND but within it you found out about mindfulness? Maybe you worked for a really crappy boss but it taught you resilience? Maybe you’ve got anxiety but have learned a lot about breath work? Everything we go through is designed to help us grow and can be used as a skill within your business.

Strengths and weaknesses

When starting an online business it is so important to take a moment to understand your strengths and weaknesses and also FYI – if you aren’t 100% sure yet, don’t worry they will be fleshed out when you get started! Expect that it is totally fine to suck at some things and instead focus on the things you are good at. For example, if you find talking easier than writing that may indicate that a podcast could be a good inclusion in your strategy. The reason why my business has such extreme highs is because I position myself within my strengths and this compounds my results.

Personality traits

Things like whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, cautious or a risk taker, an organiser or a planner all come into play to help position you for faster growth within an online business. For example if you’re an introvert we wouldn’t suggest going out to networking events in order to grow your business, because it will drain your energy super fast and make you feel more lethargic about working on your business. I am a massive introvert and have learned (and still continue to learn) how to manage my energy.

The amount of time available to spend on your business

I am a mum of four and all of the Business Jump Family members are also mums so I know first hand you’re busy and have 1001 things on your mind and this also plays a part in terms of setting and accepting our expectations when it comes to starting an online business. For example, I love what I do and have my twins in daycare 3 days a week and have designed a business to get maximum results in minimum time. Instead of feeling guilty because you don’t have significant time it is about setting a realistic plan to work with what you have and guess what – you’ll then find that your time expands.

Your mindset and energy levels

Having experienced depression first-hand myself and based on the fact that also 1 in 6 Australians also experience depression or anxiety I believe we should take this into consideration when starting an online business. I am not saying we do a sit down and specifically ask our clients if they have any mental health challenges but when we are creating the CTP Method we want to set them up for success, not set them up with unrealistic goal posts to reach and how mental health and energy levels play a huge part in this. Depression and anxiety can play a huge part in the failure of a perfectly good idea or business so I believe in a holistic strategy when it comes to business. Business is just as much about rest and restore as it is strategy.

Now here is where the real magic happens:

Your CTP Method now underpins all of your decisions moving forward and you weave it within:

– your business idea
– the right income stream
– the right strategy
– the right mindset

Then BAM. You’re off and running. Starting an online business is so much more about picking an idea and hoping for the best. If you take a moment to do a semi-deep dive and understand what is holding you back, what your fears are and how to move forward despite them like we take our clients through, then you can really position yourself for an incredible business journey. And, yes I said ‘semi’ because it is important to not allow ‘research’ to hinder you from moving forward. Remember Goldilocks? We want just the right amount.

This then creates the path of the least resistance meaning you are flowing down the river towards success instead of trying to swim up stream doing things that aren’t aligned with your values, that are draining your energy and that you struggle with – no wonder so many businesses fail without this insider information so if you want to get started moving a business into flow state, consider all of the above and if you get stuck, overwhelmed or lost feel free to reach out to us and we will help you.





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