As we draw upon the end of another year, I have been taking moments to look back and think what have I achieved? This is Business Jump in reflection and what it actually took to get a business over the six-figure line.

I was on holidays recently in Noumea and it dawned on me how crazy this year actually was. 2016 was really the year all the pieces fitted into the business puzzle for Business Jump and I. Sure, I had run successful businesses before, but never like this. Business Jump turned into a freight train of surprises, adventures, self-discovery and learning curves that at times almost felt too big to control.

holidays in noumea

Poolside, no internet, R&R, family time.


If you asked me 12 months ago what my goals for the year were, I would have simply said for my business to be successful, to have helped as many Mum’s as I could start their own dreams and to have a clear vision and path for my business heading into the future.

I can honestly and humbly say I have achieved that and so much more.

In January I started off with a goal to help 1-2 Mum’s a month, by September I was setting goals to help 20 Mum’s a month and thinking holy hell, that is one damn scary goal. I didn’t want to think I couldn’t do it, but deep down the fear was there. However, the key in these situations is to set your intentions, believe you can do it (even if you fake it) visualise yourself doing it and feel the success of achieving it.

We smashed that goal and it was an honour to work with every single one of our clients, moving with the epic growth wasn’t always sweet sailing and a lot of the time it was learning from experience and putting new systems in place where we saw weaknesses.

I pinch myself every day when I look back at what has really been achieved and how many Mum’s are now working and living their dream running their own businesses. One of my absolute favourite things to do is log into Instagram and see my clients and their new businesses posting away and just nailing it and I love to celebrate their successes in our private client Facebook group, it brings me so much joy.

It is no secret I have grand plans. Huge plans. Plans that will take me into another realm. And I want to take you all with me!

Now, I hope you are not sitting there thinking, “Wow, how is her business so perfect?!”

For anyone who follows me in the Remarkable Business Mums Facebook group you will all know that I am one to share my failures, I keep it real, I don’t back away from the truth, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

It isn’t perfect. Perfection, I have learned can not really be attained because there is always something new to learn. A lesson to be learned from your mistakes. A flaw to fix, even if only minor. But, each night I go to sleep thinking of ways to be better and stronger the next day.

I have had my ups and downs this year just like most other entrepreneurs making it on their own. My downs have included a few bad eggs in people who have worked for Business Jump, one I even found out started copying my business concept and even ripped the text straight off my website, we had teething problems as we grew so fast and I had to catch up and refine our systems after I spotted flaws and I quickly had to learn how to be the leader of a team (23 team members to date)

And of course, there are the usual stresses and lessons to learn that go with running your own business and being a Mother and wife.

But I can happily say my ups have far out-weighed my downs.

Business is thriving, growing at the pace of a freight train with the formula and strategies I have put into place, I get to do what I love every day, we are helping other Mums take the jump so they can live the life they want, My Facebook groups have grown to over 10,000 beautiful members collectively, I have received heart warming testimonials, and my business is highly automated with various other passive income streams so I am truly living a life with freedom and profit.

A present from a client – Mugs! With Business Jump team members names on them.

And what can I attribute all this to?

Luck? Money? Investment?


It is just plain hard work and keeping my eyes on the prize and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t.

Here is what worked:


I am not a natural born planner, in fact I actually find it really hard to even plan what I am going to have for dinner on a weekly basis let alone plan out a business for 12 months. If I buy a weeks worth of meat, guaranteed I will feel like a non-meat dinner on the night I planned to eat the meat.

I hear everyone (loud and clear) say ‘not planning is planning to fail’ and maybe that is true for them, but what has worked for me most of all, is working with my intuition.

Sure, I still have written out my goals and what steps I need to take to get there but I don’t bound myself within the traps of a minute by minute plan. If inspiration hits me I use it to write a blog, while I am right there in the moment and feeling it.

Rarely would I say to myself, ‘no, blog writing day is for Tuesdays only’ I write in the moment, when I am feeling the emotion and when I can’t stop the words from flowing out of my head. I check in to ensure I am still on the right track but mostly I am guided with by my gut feeling and what I am being called to do.

Tough But Fair 

If you asked my team what I was like to work with, I suspect they’d say ‘tough but fair’ I get that we all make mistakes, I make them, everyone does, but where I draw the line is if a team member is clearly not giving a shit about it or hasn’t bothered to seek a solution to remedy it.

My care factor for producing a high-quality Business Jump experience for our clients is MASSIVE and anyone who isn’t onboard with that, isn’t the right fit for our team. I subscribe to the ‘fire quick’ method as usually my gut is telling me whether they need to go or not and I don’t hesitate having to put on my ‘bad guy’ hat when it comes to maintaining the reputation and integrity of my business. And, of course on the flip side I have a strong loyalty to team members who have proven themselves to care about the work they do for Business Jump. I am really proud of the team that has been crafted to date, we are united and excited to take on 2017 and all that it brings us.

Simple and Straight

After my old business which forced me to design and work with multiple and many different SKUs, I really wanted to bring my service offering down to just a few products and then master them. That is why when I get asked to do something outside the scope of our packages I will generally say no and refer to someone else. Sure, it is hard to turn down someone who wants to pay you for something but the real cost is time away from my core offerings, which are our custom business packages and pre-made business packages. These packages have evolved pretty much on a month by month basis and I am so proud of what they offer our clients today.


Multiple Income Streams 

In November (2016) I made the decision to not take on any more clients for the rest of the year. My team needed time to catch up, I needed time to strengthen our infrastructure and systems and have a breather so we could make Business Jump bigger, better and stronger for 2017. I am so excited by what we’ve refined behind the scenes which will allow for an even better client journey with us. But, having no clients coming on for a few months also means no income, and with weeks of outgoings in the $1000’s (last week was $7000 + eek!!) it is scary to stand calm within the current.

But, you know what has helped? My multiple income streams. I switched my e-courses on, I ran my affiliate blogs, my funnels where activated and over these past weeks I have had a stream of passive income filtering in.

Learning and Recalibrating 

Each time I have failed, I have gone back and refined, replaced, realigned and made it so I could not fail on that same thing again. Where my past failures lie, now in their place are the biggest strengths in my business.

Staying in My Zone of Genius

In business, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the million and one things we need do. We think, ‘it will only take a second so I will just do it’ and then an hour later we are still tinkering away. I have made it a habit to ensure that for the majority of my time I am working in my ‘zone of genius’ If you don’t know about these zones yet, check out the book called ‘The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks’ In short, we should be ensuring that we are working on where our strengths lie. For me that is strategy, content creation and systems and I try to outsource the rest.


Couldn’t have got through this year if I didn’t have my mindset working on my behalf. Every bad thing that happened was really guiding me into the direction that I had asked the universe to send me in. Tony Robbins says that 85% of success comes down to mindset, the remaining 15% is strategy and it is so true. Master your mindset and you are 85% of the way to achieving your success.


You may think at Business Jump we create businesses for Mums to jump into, and sure that is true but it is bigger than that. What we are really doing is creating the gateway to transform lives so these beautiful Mum’s can use their business as a vehicle to create the life they want. What we offer is actually more intangible, then tangible

Anyone can go out and get a logo designed, or DIY their own website, hell I even have an e-course showing people to do that.

However, signing up for a Business Jump package, is signing up to transform your life. From working full-time to working from home in your own business. From not having your own income to creating a business that creates highly automated income. From feeling trapped to having freedom to do anything you want. From having no idea about business, to having business BFF’s to help you along the way. From having to pop kids in daycare all day, to getting to choose whether they will even go to daycare or not.

The value we offer is immeasurable because we show you how to create the life you really want to live using an online business as the vehicle.

Just Doing It 

Sitting on something for days/weeks/months is not usually how I roll. If I am not sure, I give it a go anyway. I take fast action and I refine, test and measure as I work it out.

All you need is to know what you want to do,  why you are doing it and the time frame you want to achieve this in. If you sitting on something for more than a week or two, find someone to make it happen for you. Sure, you may pay money to make that happen, but what is the real cost here? The real cost of not doing it? What is that going to cost you? Where do you want to be in six-months and what is it going to take to make that happen?

You will learn along the way. There is nothing that you can’t change or modify, nothing is life or death in this scenario.

In business, there is a fine line between stubborn determination and accepting something might need a change. Changing up your plan isn’t an admission of failure. It is an indication of growth.

If you are not continually changing things up or learning from your mistakes, then your business will be stagnant and eventually fail.

Celebrate Your Successes

It is so easy to focus on where we went wrong, instead of where we went right. To combat this I have created a ‘praise folder’ Anytime anyone says anything nice I screenshot it and pop it in the folder. So, then when I am having a crappy day I can look at the folder and remind myself there were lots of times I got it right too, actually pretty much 95% of the time I have gotten it right, so I don’t let the 5% dictate my emotions.

Taking time out to celebrate 2016.


So moving forward, what is my plan for 2017?

Firstly I am going to continue implementing what I learned from 2016. I will work on the 20% that got me 80% of my results.

No doubt I will continue to refine and align my business as it grows.

Our on-boarding sequence for new clients is something we pride ourselves on and something we want to get right, so for the last 2 weeks I have been working on a 21-day email sequence to help our new clients gain the confidence and skills they need to master their new business.

I am school girl excited by ALL THE THINGS I have planned for the clients in our secret client Facebook group to continue helping their businesses growth. Live training, challenges, Q&As, guest speakers, updated e-course content.

I have been communicating with my team to help them with what they need to do the best job they can and most of all, so they are happy and content and have pride in working with Business Jump. We have had a group meeting to discuss and implement changes and processes that we feel are not only going to make the processes better for our client’s, but better for our team as well.

We will also be focusing on the training and support provided to clients. We pride ourselves on not being a website design business, but a business building businesses. Helping Mums make that transformation and live their dreams and passions. So we need to make sure they have the tools to do this and training and support is key in achieving this.

What are your goals for 2017?

Write them down, create a planner whether it is detailed or simple it doesn’t matter but have something there to remind you every day what you are working for. It is so easy to lose focus in a day and age where everything apparently important pings you from a distance on your phone.

Stay focused, reflect and move forward implementing the changes and lessons you have learned from the year that was.

We would love to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support this year. You are truly amazing people and we are so very grateful you are on this journey with us.

To you and your family, we wish you an awe-inspiring and out of this world successfully happy 2017.

Happy New Year, from my family, to yours.



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