Free Website Review

Wondering whether your website is working for, or against you? Your website should be designed to capture, nurture and convert sales, and if your conversion rate is less than 3% it could mean your website is hindering and blocking your business from growing and generating more income.

You may or may not realise but your website needs to have some core fundamental elements to start you off on the right track but also added to it as you grow in your business to continue efficiently converting sales and clients.

At Business Jump we’ve designed 100’s of websites, and Nat studied graphic and web design at the renowned Billy Blue School of Design in North Sydney and went on to build a successful freelance web design business. Fast forward to now and Nat now manages a core team of 5 within Business Jump including designers, developers and copywriters. Secretly as a creative at heart, she still jumps in and does some of the designs when she feels like it as well.

An established business has the opportunity to add some very instrumental elements into their website to improve efficiency and productivity and Nat, on occasion offers FREE 15 minute website reviews to pin point whether your website is hindering your business or to offer a few small tweaks to help it support your business growth.

In the free chat, we will look at one or some of the following:

Whether your website has the green / red brain emotional connection
Your copywriting and whether it is engaging and makes people remember you
Any sales psychology pillars you can add so your website sells for you
Suggestions on automation and functionality to save you time
A easy start marketing plan for remarketing to lost clients

Because spaces are free, they are limited and by application only.

Please submit the following application and if successful Nat will be in contact only if she feels she can add value to your existing platform.

If you already are looking for a redesign and realign of your business or know that your website is outdated please feel free to check out our Redesign and Realign Package by clicking here.