Ever heard the saying ‘people do business with people, not businesses?’ It is so true and when we can nail it within our online business it leads to amazing growth and fulfilment.

In my e-course and within my one on one clients I teach them strategies, to go against the grain and reveal themselves to their audience and customers, to share their story, to build connections, relationships and trust.

Why? Because it makes you stand out from the crowd and cuts through the noise of your competitors in the online business industry. 

1. Be Vulnerable
This is the absolute most shit scary thing to do, but from within it we connect and find a power we never knew existed.
Admitting to our fears, admitting to our failures, admitting to our weaknesses, admitting to our imperfections in front of other people….
It sorta leaves us feeling like we’ve just been a street fight.
You’re probably thinking, Nat, WTF would I want to do that?
Here is the fact.
Most of us don’t trust perfect and that’s a good instinct to have because no one is perfect. We all know that. 
Ever see someone in an online business who just looks too shiny?
Too polished? Too….. ugh?

How did that make you feel? A bit gritty right?

Maybe it looked all nice, but was there something that felt a little off about it?

Acknowledge that feeling, it is important for online business.
Let’s flip it now, how about when you connect with that mum at the park about how motherhood can be such a shit fight sometimes, or how annoying husbands can be, or with someone who has made the same mistake as you in online business?
Let’s test it out now:
Do you know about 12 months ago, I accidentally sent an email out to my database of over 20,000 people saying ‘your payment has been accepted’
Can you imagine the complete shock everyone got?
Ok, so stop for a sec.
Secretly be honest with yourself…
Did that make you smile? Did you make you feel a little lighter? Did it make you feel not so bad about your mistakes?
It feels good right? To know you aren’t the only one that makes mistakes.

My vulnerability just gave you that ‘feel good’ gift.


Take that ‘feel good feeling’ and work out how to give it to the people following you in your online business.
It changes everything.
And in return, when I know I have made someone feel better, I feel good.

I am not saying we be vulnerable all the time, we don’t want to tip the scales too much and create the wrong perception about us being useless, so find your balance, slip a little vulnerability in and then back it up with something that is a credit to you.

I shared how to weave vulnerability into blogging with the Business Jump Family community and they got results like this:

(See what I did there?)

Quick tips and strategies to be vulnerable in your online business:

  1. Share something about your day and add how it made you feel
  2. It is ok if it isn’t related to your online business directly, you can span out a little into other general interests
  3. It needs to feel uncomfortable, don’t expect it to feel easy
  4. Always flip it so you don’t end on the weak part of your story, I always lead in with ‘this was then’ which is centred around my failure/weakness but ‘this is now’ which is centred around what I learned from it, how it made me excel, how it guided me.
  5. For examples of how to write with vulnerability join my Facebook group and search my name (Natasha Stewart)

Disclaimer: Ok so yes it was 20,000 people, but I did manage to stop the email within a few minutes so thankfully only a few hundred emails were sent with about a 10% open rate at that stage! I had two people out of all that were pissy with me and the rest were totally lovely and understanding.

2. Create a Movement 

Some of the media articles written about me have said that I am creating a movement. Helping women leave the traps of employment and live with more freedom using an online business as the vehicle, when I was interviewed on Sky News the headline was ‘Founder of Business Jump hopes to empower mothers’

That feels scary.

I’m just some random mum with a fierce dream and unbrushed hair.

But, what I have realised along the way is the power of people feeling ‘included’.

People want to feel apart of something, they want to be inspired. If it suits your own online business, go larger, dream harder, scale your messaging beyond your product or service and start talking about what is the motivation behind your online business, why do you do what you do, why is it important to you? What impact can your online business have on your audience.

It is why I created the Business Jump Family for my clients, so they can feel a part of something, so we can band together, so we can be united and motivate each other to reach for the stars. It is why I also created my Facebook group, Remarkable Business Mums.

If you’re talking to the right people, they are going to resonate and be drawn towards who you are and what you stand for as well, create something bigger then you and your online business.

Strategies for creating a movement:

There needs to be a leader and it needs to be you. Does that feel scary? Do it anyway and move through the fear by simply just living the life your audience wishes to live authentically and genuinely. You don’t need to be an expert or anyone special, people will follow you because you have been on the same journey they desire to go on.

Paint the picture for what is achievable and create that vision for them. Change their perception of what’s possible and show them that anything is possible. Use this in storytelling format on your blogs, in photos on social media and when having conversations in Facebook groups.

Help people move away from their painful situation into a brand new situation. For example, I speak to mums every day who dream of creating an online business so they can have something more than just the SAHM deal, or who are sick and tired of working in a job feeling unfulfilled and trapped, Business Jump is their switch into a new situation, into a new opportunity for them.

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