I am going to tell you the one thing you need to do to create a successful and profitable business right now.

Anyone can do it, if they just do this one thing, over and over again.

It is the key element to what has made my business grow like a freight train.

And you are probably going to be surprised by how simple it is.

Simple, yet hard at the same time.

By implementing this one critical element to your business you can create an online business that truly affords you all types of amazing freedom, profit and fulfillment.

Not overnight, mind you, I am not that crazy enough to tell you it can happen overnight.

But, as L’oreal promises, it will happen.

Do you want to know what I am talking about?

What this one missing piece to the puzzle is?


Just freaking put your shit out there into the interwebs!

Yes, that is it.

Stop procrastinating!

Don’t wait for the right time.

Give up trying to make it perfect.

Listen to Nike and just do it.

Do you know how much of my stuff is flawed?


My Instagram feed sucks. If you have a look clearly you’ll see I can’t get my shit together on it. I wish it was all prim and proper but I keep stuffing up on the sequence of when I should post stuff that I see others so regularly nail.

My blogs have typos in them. Not major I-am-a-total-idiot-and-can’t-write-english typos, but for the detailed peeps, you’ll see them. I bet even this post has one that I will spot in 10 minutes and have to edit.

Not all of my posts get comments, likes or engagement. #nottheendoftheworld

Everyone says that you have to do videos. I’m fine not doing so, thanks.

I know that the OCD ones among us will be spitting their tea out at me right now.

Breaking out in a sweat, I am sure.

But let me fill you in on something.

Business is like not being a goddess in bed because you CBF after a long day with the kids.

Every now and again you know you can get away with it and your husband will forgive you.

Something special happens when you start taking action and doing something over and over again.

You get better at it.

All the things I am great at in my business…. I started off being shit at them.

What holds your business back from growing, is you….

Being worried about what people are going to think.

Feeling the fear and letting it stop you.

Letting analysis paralysis defeat you.

Waiting for ‘the right time’.

Sitting on something for days or God forbid, weeks.

Making a mistake and never doing it again.

All that shiz, kills and hinders more businesses than a few stuff ups here and there ever will.

As you get your imperfect stuff out there, you will get a feel for things.

You will see what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll get practice so you can do it better next time.

Do it and know you will find your way.

Live and learn.

Rinse and repeat.


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