If you’ve been thinking of starting an online business but feel a little lost on where to go and how to do it, read on because here is the perfect solution


We’ve done all the hard work for you.

Business Jump helps Mums just like you from all over the world find the confidence and inspiration to take the jump and create a business aligned with their heart and soul which can afford you a life of freedom and profit.

We do not subscribe to ‘the hustle 24/7’ business model. We create businesses to allow you to work less and earn more. We’ll provide you with our exclusive Business Jump Starter Kit which guides you on how to grow your business quickly and smartly without wasting a load of money and time.

Consider us your new BFFs for starting a business. We will hold your hand and get you off and running in the right direction so you can start producing an income without wasting precious time trying to work it out all by yourself.

About The Business: Wooden Toys (Name to be decided)

It’s funny to think that in todays world of technology, we are turning back to the core basics of kids toys – with wooden toys right near the top of that list! Create a marketplace or directory linking parents and educators alike with high quality wooden toys from around the globe.

We’ll show you how to build a business which avoids having to buy and manage inventory and skip past labour insensitive picking, packing and dispatching so your business truly affords you to design your life with freedom. Instead of selling one-to-one, you can sell one-to-many with our automated income stream business model which powers your business growth and enables you to stop trading your time for money.

Let’s get down to business, here is what the package includes:

+ Brainstorming your specific concept and niche
+ Fully setup e-commerce WordPress website
+ Advanced admin panel for you to upload/delete/edit content and products
+ Basic SEO
+ Social media links
+ Automatic backups
+ Newsletter opt-in to collect emails
+ Blog setup
+ Legal docs for your website and business
+ Professionally designed logo and website assets
+ All accounts set up (Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, Gmail, Mailchimp, Emails etc)
+ How to find vendors and sales for your new website (templates, video and guide)
+ How to find vendors and sales for your new website (templates, video and guide)
+ How to write your About Us page (guide)

PLUS – Free entry to the Business Jump Starter e-Course which covers:

+ How to focus and turn your fear and overwhelm into actions towards your dreams
+ How to use social media to grow your audience and sales so you can fast track your business growth
+ How to add several income streams and create passive income to your business so you enjoy more freedom
+ How to write blogs so they attract traffic to start generating organic traffic to your website
+ How to create opt-ins to build your mailing list so you can take shortcuts to growing your tribe
+ How to automate, outsource and streamline your business so you can spend more time with your family
+ How to scale your business to increase profits

PLUS – Free entry to our #businessjumptribe secret Facebook group just for Business Jump clients. Join a tribe of like-minded Mums all growing their business just like you, benefits include:

– Make new friends with like-minded business Mums
– Accountability partner to keep you accountable to your dream
– Ongoing live training calls to help you master your website and your business growth and sales
– Live Q&A chats so we can D&M about your progress, fears and goals
– Ongoing support from the Business Jump team to answer your questions so you aren’t alone

Business Jump Family Facebook Group

This business package is currently in pre-sale mode, which means there is a $300 discount, if interested contact us ASAP to secure the pre-sale price before it expires 3 days from now.



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I am working through the modules of the Business Jump course and I have never been so excited about a course in my life! I love how Natasha uses her personal business experiences to illustrate the concepts she teaches, and how each step of the process is broken down into easily actionable steps.I also love all of the real-business examples listed in the modules – this makes me feel more confident that I can implement the income streams in my own business. The video tutorials are enjoyable to watch and the course content is easy to read and digest. I am so looking forward to implementing the course to change and add to my existing product-based business into a business that provides me with increased profit and freedom.My only regret is not doing this course before I launched my business! I could have saved literally thousands of hours of work if I had known about these strategies before I embarked on my business journey.
Annalise SkaroupkaPrint & Party

When I first signed up to this approx 4 weeks ago on a whim, you know that gut feel that tells you, “this feels right”, i really didnt know what i was getting into and what or how i would go with this process… all i knew, was that i had the hunger and desire to do something different and break the “corporate” lifestyle i had become accustomed to for over 20 years. That’s all i knew and was my safety blanket even though deep down i knew that “there has got to be more to work and life than this!)Aaahhh yes, there is… thanks to you lovely ladies… you have opened up my eyes, heart, mind and soul to something i thought was only a dream and happened to other people… well…. now its happening to me!
Angela – Hamper Life



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