I recently asked the business mums in our Facebook group how they felt when deciding to take the jump and start their own business. I sort of expected what the common thread of replies would be as I too had felt nervous and scared when starting my business.

So, have comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in feeling like that.

But no matter which way to break it down, you’ll always find that it is fear holding you back from starting a business or any new challenge for that matter.

I try to imagine if I would have given into the fear. I can promise you the following:

1. I would NOT be happy hauling my butt to a 9-5 job
2. I would NOT be attending my children’s special school activities.
3. I would NOT have helped other Mums start their own businesses as well
4. I would NOT have built the massive audiences for my businesses like I have
5. I would NOT be in control of how much I could earn and when I wanted to earn it.

Don’t let fear hold you back and regret never giving your dream a try.

If you are contemplating starting a business or online venture or you have already started and looking for inspiration from other like-minded Mums, we are here to help. How to start your own online business.


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