Here is the thing.

Whether you realise it or not, your thoughts, actions and intentions have got you here. To this minute. Reading this blog.

So, if you think there is a shortcut to success. The answer is yes.

If you believe there is no shortcut to success. The answer is yes.

It has taken me 10 years to get to where I am now, which is a six-figure business success that was created in 12 months after selling my old business and that is snowballing from strength to strength.


But if I had to do it all over again, would it take 10 years?

No. Want to know why?

I would take shortcuts I learned along the way, so I honestly feel in my heart with everything I know now, I could replicate a six-figure business within 6 months.

Sure it wasn’t a consistent 10 years. I had time off to have my babies, there were times I was working full time and doing nothing on my businesses and there were times I had multiple businesses and my time was spread too thin. But I have spent the time, blood, sweat and tears working everything out, now I could skip all that and use only what worked.

All the time, I ask myself. What if I didn’t start my business? What would my life look like now? The truth is I would probably be miserable. Working for a boss, making their money, confined to spending the best of my days in a job that I was not fulfilled from.

The one thing I know for sure is, we rarely feel comfortable taking big leaps of faith. There is a Zen saying that states, “Jump and the net will appear.” But instead we wait and wait hoping to see the net first. The truth is, if we spend all our time waiting for it, we could be waiting forever.

If I didn’t jump before I saw the net, I know with all my heart I would still be waiting in that place of utter discontentment.

We move forward into the known by taking small steps of action, even when we can’t see what is in front of us.

When we feel lost, it is easy to then lose momentum and hesitate on big decisions. At first, you’ll probably make excuses for yourself, like it is lack of time or money that needs to be spent on other stuff first or the kids are too busy, but peel it back further and the true reason of what is creating this block is fear.

Fear of stepping into the unknown.

Fear of failing.

Fear of investing and not getting anything in return.

Fear because we can’t see how it is all going to unfold.

How long has fear been stopping you from living the life you want to live?

And, most importantly where are you going to be 1 year, 5, years and 10 years if you do not take action now?

I am going to say something that might shock you.

Success does not start with strategy, metrics, and business ‘know how’

See, our success is directly related to our mindset.

So, the shortcut to success is mastering our mindset.

Tony Robbins frequently says that more than 80% of success is psychology. And, he would know, right?

In simple terms, this means being aware.

Aware of our thoughts, aware of our actions, aware of what is happening around us. When I become aware that I am feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed or uneasy I acknowledge it. Breathe it in and breathe it out knowing I will find the quickest and easiest way through it.

Most commonly we go through life with what is known as a fixed mindset.

For example, if you are feeling lost in your life or business right now and you have a fixed mindset, you might be saying to yourself things like:

‘I can’t do this’

‘ I am never going to be as good as the other businesses’

‘There is so much to learn, I can never find the time to do this’

‘ I will never make any sales’

However, a trait of many successful people is they have a ‘growth mindset’

A growth mindset is understanding that you can work through anything with effort and persistence and they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.

Belief is also a major factor.

You literally have to force yourself to believe you CAN achieve everything you want.

It is so common for us to put ourselves down and that attracts a certain type of energy and vibration which repeats over and over again.

But the same happens with good energy too. Once we learn how to visualise, believe and feel that our success is certain, even if we have had NO sign it is going to happen, it creates a new vibration and we become aligned into a new direction where the energy sparks, manifests and reproduces.

We all want shortcuts to success and to bypass that feeling of being uncomfortable.

So, here is what I say.

There are absolutely shortcuts to success. Just not in the way you expect. Shortcuts do not come with big flashing signs saying SHORTCUT.

There are big action items that are never going to be easy and will always feel scary, but by doing them, you do get the chance to do what you want, sooner.

Think of how it feels to be standing on top of a massive waterfall. You have two options to get down, you can go around, down the windy track to the side, through all the scrub and over the mossy rocks, hoping you don’t get lost. Or, you can jump. Jumping is scarier, it is uncomfortable and you can’t see the bottom but you know where you are going to land and it gets you there quicker. And, once you’ve done it you are usually relieved. Business is sorta like that.

By being open to receiving ideas and having a prosperous mindset we are open to the way our lives unfold. To take smart shortcuts, follow people who have done what you have and learn from them.

Here are 3 tips to help you find success:


Begin with the concept of trusting. And, acting ‘as if’ what you want has already happened. If you believe “success is inevitable,” your vibrations will pick up on this and lead to success, which then leads to more success.

If your belief is too low or you simply don’t believe it at all, you are blocking your alignment with success.  


Surrender to the outcome. This means not letting the outcome affect you one way or another. How you see yourself, or who you are as a person, isn’t altered. Try detaching yourself from how it’s supposed to look or happen.

What you want can come in, and probably will, from the most unlikely of places.

Take Action

Action does not have to be taken in grand gestures but should be prioritised. Use it like a muscle, take small steps each day to get closer to success. I always remind myself of what my dad told me once. You don’t need to see the other side of America in order to drive across it, you just need to see a few meters in front of you.

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