Self-Care Challenge Content Pack

Running a challenge on social media is a brilliant way to create growth, engagement and audiences for your online business which of course equals potential revenue; which then equals making a bigger impact in who we can help and serve.

At absolutely no cost I am gifting you one of my most successful challenges – The Self-Care Challenge.

This challenge covers 7 days of really simple but impactful self-care social media posts you can share with your audience to help and serve them with all of the work done already for you.

Simply edit where required, plug and go and don’t forget to credit Business Jump for the intellectual property. All the info is on the included files you’ll receive once you opt-in and confirm you’d like to access this content.

When you pop your email in be sure to check if the email comes through to you straight away as it should. If it doesn’t check your spam as sometimes they go in there and if you still don’t see it just let me know and I will manually send it to you.