The online world is forever changing and you can either run with it, or get left behind.

Facebook is one of those platforms that in more recent times seems to change overnight, literally! How many times do you log back on to a new messenger or business page layout?

The same goes for the way you use Facebook and how you can use it to your advantage. Gone are the days where a Facebook Business Page meant new leads, new customers and sales. Now it is hard just to get people to see your posts let alone actually engage or convert to a paying customer.

Facebook Groups are fast becoming the new weapon in growing your business brand and awareness. People feel comfortable in groups, especially the private groups where their network of friends can’t see what they are saying.

People feel the need to portray a somewhat less than truthful picture on social media because they are fearful of being judged on their real lives. The happy family photos, the fun holidays… but no one sees the screaming tantrums that happened just 5 minutes before said perfect photo!

It’s the same in groups. People will open up when they feel they are around peers rather than in a public forum. So use this to your advantage and harness the power of groups to build your network.

Here are some of the advantages of making a Facebook Group work for you:

Generate Content – It’s amazing what people will talk about or the questions they will ask in a group where they feel comfortable. Use the questions as a guide as to what people really want to know or how they feel and use the answers as content to help others and tailor your business to helping them.

Replaces Testimonial – Depending on your business, it can be hard to get people to leave a testimonial or review of your product or service, especially if it is frowned upon or a little less than conventional. Use your group as feedback and testimonials as people will recommend your services to others who they know will benefit with no judgement passed.

Build Relationships – A Facebook Group enables you to engage and really talk with your audience. You have the ability to respond to questions and posts and people can get to know the real you. Just be careful you don’t make your group all about you, as people are actually there for themselves and their needs, not yours. So help rather than promote.

Reach More People – Relevant posts are fed through member news feeds a little more regularly, especially if they are an active member of your group. So use this. People will also visit a group page more often than they will a business page, so even if they don’t see your post straight away, they will when they visit the group.

Increase Sales – No, your group is not a platform for you to start selling and promoting your services, it is a place to lead people into realising they need you and then making the step themselves. Watch, learn and interact with your group and feel what they need and what their big life issues are. Then try and help them with the solution… being your service or product.

With more reach, more scope and the ability to build a bigger following, a Facebook Group is really your best secret weapon to growing your business. Harness the power of groups and use them to your advantage.

Check out some of my fav Facebook groups:

Remarkable Business Mums: This is my Facebook group. As the name states, it is a Facebook group for Remarkable Business Mums. Whether you haven’t started your business yet, or you are running your business pop over and join us stat.

Family Garden Life – How you growin’ mum? Support group. This group is a place for mums to ask questions, share knowledge and help each other master growing produce in their family garden. It doesn’t matter whether you have green thumbs or black thumbs, it’s what happens next that counts! 

Mums of Brisbane – Mums of Brisbane Group – A place for all mums of Brisbane to come together, share their knowledge and support each other in a caring and friendly environment. We organize ‘real world’ events around Brisbane for mums to connect offline as well. We would love to see you there!

Western Sydney Mums’ Hub – Western Sydney Mums’ Hub GroupA closed Facebook group where you can connect with other local Western Sydney Mums and come together in a supportive, friendly environment to discuss all aspects of Motherhood and life with little ones. If you’re a Mum (or a Mum-To-Be) and live in Western Sydney, we’d love you to join!

Sleeping Help and Tips – This is a supportive community that welcomes discussion, questions, links, stories and photos about sleep and particularly getting to sleep.  It can be about your sleep or your children’s sleep. We are here to help.

Essentials for mums Community: is an open space for multicultural mums proving that despite of not being from the same background,  we have something in common “having kids” therefore, we can help each other to overcome similar issues. From this group you will expect to be included as you are and help other mums by sharing experiences.  You can join in at: 

Nestling Collective – The Nest HandmadeMums and mums-to-be: love handmade? We do too! This group is where you’ll find everything handmade for your for baby, child + nursery, PLUS get access to exclusive discounts, offers and product launches from our curated collection of handmade businesses.

The Mother Tribe Community is a kind, inclusive and supportive community that is helping mothers find their village. We welcome your questions, comments and interactions on the topic of motherhood.  We encourage members to reach out and connect with other, like-minded mothers in this community. Both on and off-line. We periodically offer webinars and information sessions by expert commentators, aimed at providing you with quality information on parenting specific topics such as effective parenting strategies, professional organisation, returning to work, nutrition, sleep settling techniques, your wellness and many others.

Subscription Box Collaborative: A fun light hearted and silly public group for the subscription box community. It will be filled with latest releases, reviews, lifestyle information & current affairs all related to subscription boxes. Our members are encouraged to share their experiences and ask questions on our open forum.

Friendship Finder: Providing a safe online meeting place for women, of all ages, to develop new friendships and create a sense of belonging. This group encourages women to share their story and connect with each other. There can be a lot of fear and anxiety around meeting new people but the aim of this group is to make this process easier

Childcare mums and dads: This group is for mums, dads, families and carers helping each other to investigate their childcare options. It doesn’t matter why you use childcare, whether you are requiring childcare due to going back to work, to have a break or help your child socialise we can all support each other!This group can share materials to help your decision process easier such as provide tips on how to choose the best child care setting for your child, things to look for when you’re visiting a childcare centre and tips to help manage separation anxiety for all involved!

Find Your Village: This group is a safe space for pregnant and new mums (and partners of course!) to support each other through this challenging yet amazing time in your life, early parenthood. We also welcome experienced Mamas to the group who want to give back and support those in the early stages of parenthood.

Life Is For Living – Reduce the Waste: Reduce the WASTE. Is a pledge we are all making to change our waste habits. Australian households throw away over $3,000 per household in food waste every year. This is a figure we need to see change. Life Is For Living believes in sustainable living, supporting local and supporting fresh.

My Tribe: Women Building Extraordinary Businesses: Welcome to My Tribe, we are women entrepreneurs and small business owners on the journey of building extraordinary businesses with brands people love to engage with. We support each other by sharing advice, experiences, inspiration and genuine feedback on all things related to crafting a customer-centric business – brand strategy, messaging, technology, services and communications.

Employment Avenues Network: No longer love your job and are dreading Monday mornings? Do you want to find the ultimate work life balance with a flexible, family friendly job? Are you are looking for a supportive network who can you through the career change maze? Then you have found your HOME!  When you know something needs to change, but you have no idea where to start, or how you can even manage change with everything else in your life, we’re here to help.  

Happy Healthy Living: Happy Healthy Living is a private online community for mums who don’t want to just “lose weight,” but who want to feel their absolute best. Get the support to jump off the yo-yo dieting cycle and share your journey with other mums. Filled with lots of inspiration, guidance and fun, it’s a safe place to help develop the happiest and healthiest you.

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