Business Jump Starter Package (1:1PM+34w)

$395.00 / month for 10 months with a 20-day free trial

Wahoo – you’re here and we are so excited to help you get started! I know this is a massive step but don’t forget I offer a 7-day refund so right now you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking the jump and trusting us to catch you with the net and you can also stop and start the project if you need to, because I get it, life get’s busy!

Once the payment has been transferred you’ll receive our welcome and onboarding emails within the first few minutes and at the same time, behind the scenes, the team will be alerted that you’ve joined us and they will be in contact within 4-24 hours (weekdays or on Monday)

All pricing includes 10% GST.

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  1. Business coaching on the business idea (1) business niche, USP, income stream/s 
  2. A beautifully designed brand including a logo and WordPress website that has a dashboard that allows you to make ongoing changes.
  3. An introduction on where to start within your marketing strategy. 
  4. Two coaching calls to cover off strategy, mindset and any decisions that need assistance
  5. Other techy behind-the-scenes setup stuff, like registering your domain name, hosting, social media accounts and checking trademarks is also included.
  6. Bonus: Access to my e-course which details the exact strategy you need to grow your business. It is short, simple and uncomplicated and 100% instrumental in creating a successful business (this is free and not part of the package pricing)

$300 Fast action taker discount: BJCO300 (if applicable)
$50 if payment is made upfront: 50DISCOUNT

7-Day trial with a refund if you cancel within 7 days

$3899 + GST (please note the checkout figure includes GST and will say $4288.90)
OR with the full discounts applied the price is $3938.90
12 week payment plan which is $3899 + GST = $4288.90 + 5% payment plan fee = $4514.85 / 12 weeks = $375.27pw

1. Payment required
2. Onboarding and welcome emails sent
3. The team will be in contact within 12-24 hours (business hours)
4. You will be sent some questions to help us gain insight and the information we need
5. We will then work on either a) the business idea you have come to us about b) or coming up with a business idea for you (up to 1 idea)
6. We will validate the business idea using our own industry-standard process and suggest available business names
7. We will outline your USP, emotional connection points, niche, income streams
8. We will outline your income projections that are in alignment with your income goals
9. We will outline an introduction to the marketing strategy that we feel is the best fit to your strengths
10. Once this is approved we will design your logo (up to 3 designs are provided with revisions)
11. Once this is approved we will design your WordPress website
12. We will set up your social media accounts (up to 3) your domain, hosting and any other accounts relevant to your website
13. Once everything is approved we will handover all access to you
14. Within this process you will work 1:1 with a project coordinator and have two coaching calls with Nat (up to an hour each)
15. Should you not ultise the assets in this package you may relocate the value into other options

Our general timeframe is 6-12 weeks to complete everything but this is not a guarantee. There are some variables that will extend (or even contract) the timeframe such as communication delays on your end (which is totally fine btw) or if you have an out-of-scope request or if we need information from a third party.

What’s not included but optional at an additional cost:
1. Copy for your website (we’ll use dummy copy)
2. Setup of external accounts (like email marketing software)
3. Business name or trademark registration
4. We do not do extensive marketing plans or competitor research
5. We do not upload products to your website
6. Facebook group client access (additional $29.95 per month)
7. e-course access (this is offered as a free bonus)

Our core philosophies when it comes to business
1. Simple is best, we do not overcomplicate or overanalyze things, we’re a jump start, not a fully-fledged agency
2. We believe in automation, systems and outsourcing to lighten the load and utilise this ourselves
3. We believe in starting with an MVP and building an audience to continue collecting the answers you need to move forward instead of making assumptions