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Want to start your business but also want to ensure you get it right the first time around so you can start generating an income? Working with us is absolutely your best bet. We’ve used our business experience and on the ground intel to put together this new concept which has stacks of potential for the right person. We need to be clear though, this won’t be an overnight thing – although I have already started to make sales which is very encouraging. It will require time, energy and dedication from you to learn the ropes but we’ll be supporting you every step of the way.

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It is centred around a topic that research has shown the majority of mums experience. I bet you have too?

​​Baby brain, brain fog, lack of clear though​​​​t, overwhelm, low mood. These are all very common in women and there are a range of causes from depression, anxiety, hormones, gut imbalances, sleep deprivation, nutrient deficiency, burnout. The list really does go on but the good news is you don’t have to be an expert you just have to know how you can help and we’ll share that with you.

This concept is all about biohacking our brain function.

Using really amazing, trending, hugely popular but still a little bit unheard of products designed and proven elevate your mind, enhance focus and boost your mood – Lions Mane is an example.

We will help you with everything you need to finish composing this incredible business idea.​​


Run this business from home, from a cafe, from your laptop. Wherever you like. There is no inventory or stock to deal with and it is a sell one to many model which means it has built in flexibility.


Affiliate products like Lion’s Mane, MCT Oil and Rachel Finch’s Brain Elixir, are a no brainer for this business. In fact I have already made commissions from Lions Mane as I was researching this concept. In addition you can also promote things that promote clear thought and uplifting the mind like yoga, mindfulness, breath work, meditation, exercise, active living and we will help you compose this.


This can be so much more than a ‘business’ and it has a beautiful opportunity to include meaningful causes into your brand story and values. For example:

Mental health awareness
Support for mums
Active living

Here is a reminder of what’s included for you.

Value $1500+
Business coaching on the business idea, business niche, messaging and income streams. It is the most important part to get right and we will walk you through each section to help you make clear decisions on top of the already established research we have composed for this business. Plus we will walk you through each stage step by step.

Value $2000
A beautifully designed WordPress website that, most importantly, is designed to capture leads and sales whilst also connecting with your audience and making an impact. 

Value $1497
Access to my e-course which details the exact strategy you need to grow your business. It is short, simple and uncomplicated and 100% instrumental in creating a successful business.

Ongoing support in the Business Jump Family private Facebook group. Join a community of like-minded business mums and have my ongoing support in our private group because business can be hard some days and now you’ll never have to feel lost or alone. 

Value – $500+
Our professional designers have created logos and branding already however you can make minor amends or for an additional cost we can design new logos. 

Value – $200+
Other techy behind the scenes setup stuff, like registering your domain name, hosting, social media accounts and checking trademarks is also included.

That’s the tangible stuff, which as you know is so important to get right when you are starting a business. To be honest with you, there is so much more value included that can’t have a price next to it, like: 

The time we save you from having to work it all out by yourself:
When working with us, we only need about 10 hours of your time and then we do everything else for you. This is the start of your journey to freedom – you get other people to do the stuff for you, especially experts like us who know how to nail it straight away.

The anxiety from not knowing whether you are setting everything up properly:
There have been many businesses that fail straight from the start because they’ve made major newbie mistakes. This is the start of working smarter, not harder – learning from people who are ten steps ahead of you.

Having someone who ‘gets it’, to help support you through all the big decisions:
It can be really hard when it is just you and sometimes we overthink things and end up going around and around in circles. This is the start of utilising the power of your mindset and learning how to create and grow momentum. 

Having a-done-for you package instead of having to hire people separately:
Getting different quotes and building relationships is so time consuming, so we help you save time by having it all in one so you can focus on working on the parts that you love – This is the start of  learning how to work in your zone of genius which leads to faster results that come at ease.

Learning our mindset, success hacks and the behind the scenes ropes:
Knowing the real deal sets you up for the best possible chance of creating profit and freedom as a WAHM. Let me tell you a million dollar secret – business is 85% mindset and 25% strategy and working it all out as a mum while we have kids at our feet you want to be taking the path of least resistance at every corner.