1:1 Coaching with Nat (uk)

$249.05 / week for 2 weeks

Coaching includes:

2 weeks coaching with me
1 x phone call (up to 60 minutes)
Email access (fair use policy applies and I will always reply within 48 hours)
(See below for more info)

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I will tailor the coaching to where you currently are and what you need, we may cover some or all of the following*

Your concept
Your income streams
A review of your website and current setup (if applicable)
Unique selling point
Brand story
We will 100% cover your goals and a strategy on how to reach them using your business as the vehicle and you’ll have a simple one page doc to summarise what we have established.
*What we cover depends on how long we work on one section, I will go into it with the intention of giving you just enough for each stage however you may wish to use the time focusing on just one or two.
What the coaching looks like:
Once the deposit is paid I will send you some information to get started, when you reply with the info we will work off a central doc together. We generally plan for our phone call to be 1 week in, this gives us enough information to have a good chat and to be able to plan for the next stage. The email contact usage is completely up to you. You may email me any questions and I will reply within 48 hours. Please note the value of this packages comes in our phone call and the final document we work on together with your plan and I go via a quality of quantity rule.
50% of this payment can be used towards our full package as a credit, however it is valid only for 4 weeks from today.