Outsourcing? Are you ready to hand over the reigns? Are you ready to move from a Solopreneur to an Entrepreneur?

Building your own business from scratch is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, steps you can take in your professional career. You have nurtured and grown your business from an idea to a successful income stream, but now you are looking for the reason you started your own business to begin with – FREEDOM!

As a Solopreneur, you are handling the day to day running of your business. This could be to keep your costs down or you might be so enthralled in your business you just can’t let go. An Entrepreneur on the other hand will hire people to handle the day to day tasks that can so easily eat up your precious time. Most administrative tasks can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, so why not let go and earn back your freedom and move the laptop off the couch for good!

Here is a list of tasks that many entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself are outsourcing:

1. Invoicing and Accounting: Let’s face it, this is the part we all love to hate! The mundane jobs that take you away from your core business. Chasing people for money can take time and effort that could best be focussed elsewhere. A Virtual Assistant can do these tasks for you from anywhere in the world, saving you time, effort and a lot of grief.

2. Website design and development: If you are not fully versed on the ins and outs of website programming and development, then this is probably a task you should consider outsourcing. A professional web designer will have your website up and running in a lot less time than it would take you to learn the tricks and implement then, leaving you to focus on other tasks you are confident in.

3. Social Media: This is an area where many small businesses are outsourcing. The time you are spending writing and scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts could be better spent on your core business. Let’s face it, a social media presence is a must in today’s world, but there are so many people who can handle this for you, why give them a go! You might be surprised how much time you actually save!

4. Research: If your business is growing into the next phase, you may be needing to conduct research or source quotes for new services. You might be considering wholesaling or taking your business overseas. This aspect of your business can take many hours and in turn it will take you away from what has made your business a success to begin with. Outsourcing this kind of work will free up your time and it is a task that can be done remotely.

5. Marketing: If you are struggling with the daily grind and there just aren’t enough hours in the day, you could try outsourcing your Business Marketing. Hiring a professional to do this can increase ROI (Return Of Investment) and save you hours of frustration and planning. Marketing is a key factor in your business, but it is a good place to start with your outsourcing as new ideas and leads could generate new possibilities.

So, with that said, are there any tasks on the list that you can outsource? When you think about it, many of them are not your core business and are not the tasks you need to be focussing on now your business is growing. Save your time and energy for the “fun” part of your business and the reason you started on this journey to begin with.

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