About The Business: Mindful Motherhood (We can decide on the actual name with you)

We go into motherhood prepared to look after our beautiful newborns however it is not uncommon to lose ourselves in the process and forget to look after ourselves as well. Whilst the journey is soulful for some, for others it can turn out to be a harrowing and confronting experience at no fault of our own. Enter a seismic shift to our life as we knew it, sleep deprivation, wild hormones, postnatal depletion and, the fierce love we now have for this little human we’ve just birthed and it is no wonder our mental health can destabilise and we start to seek more meaningful movements in our daily life and actions.

This is a much-needed business idea that can provide untold amounts of purpose and joy for those who are passionate about nurturing mums, reducing the stigma of mental health and creating enlightenment for recovery to other mums through alternative recovery remedies like spiritual connection, somatic healing, energy work, trauma releasing, exercise, diet, supplements, mindfulness, biochemistry and more. You do not need to be an expert in these areas, you simply need to be willing to learn, research and collaborate and we’ll teach you the rest.

This business is at the idea stage and we can help you craft it into any of the following options:

1. A service-based business that leverages off any existing experience or skills you have to offer coaching, group coaching or e-courses to other mums.
2. An online directory offering relevant services to mums who would like to explore the benefits of healing, mindfulness and self-care.
3. An online blog offering shared experiences, community, information and useful practices with affiliate links and to insightful and meaningful products.
4. A combination of the above.

We can workshop this idea together however it is centered around nurturing mums through mental health challenges after the baby is born by providing information on ways they can learn to shine again by covering a range of topics to help recovery.

Your job:

Would be to create content on all the different ways mums can heal from mental health challenges, this would most likely be via social media, your blog, your email list and any additional platforms you choose. Your goal would be to create a nurturing and informative platform and community where people can go to find solace and inspiration on how to heal and learn to thrive again.

Perfect for you if:

Looking to work online and run your own business
Keen to learn how to utilise social media and marketing
Are a mum and are passionate about mental health
Like to write or are willing to learn how to get better at it or learn how to outsource it
Like researching different products, topics and services and sharing and helping people
If you have no formal experience, skills or expertise that’s ok (you’ll learn it all on the job)


This is not MLM or a quick overnight thing. This is running your own business and using an online strategy to grow it which does not rely on selling to friends. You also do not need to invest in any stock, we will work with you to determine the best income stream for your concept once we have refined it together as we work with you personally to create a business around your strengths and the things you enjoy doing.

We will help you with:

  • We will help you refine this idea, along with your niche and income streams because this is one of the most important parts.
  • Our team of designers will work personally with you to create all of your branding and website assets to make the startup process easy peasy for you.
  • We offer ongoing support in our private Facebook community so you’ve got a community of like-minded mums always supporting you.
  • Our e-course is included which gives you insights on what you need to do to grow your business and make sales.

Let’s get down to business, here is what the package includes:

+ Brainstorming this specific concept, business names and niche
+ Fully setup e-commerce WordPress website
+ Advanced admin panel for you to upload/delete/edit content and products
+ Professionally designed logo and website assets
+ Basic SEO setup
+ Social media links
+ Automatic backups
+ Newsletter opt-in to collect emails
+ Blog setup
+ Legal docs for your website
+ All accounts set up (Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, Gmail, Mailchimp, Emails etc)
+ Additional professional copywriting / blog writing / business coaching available as an upgrade


+ Mindset strategies to set yourself up for success
+ An introduction on how to leverage off social media
+ How to convert traffic into sales
+ Additional income streams you can add
+ How to automate, outsource and streamline your business


This business package is currently in pre-sale mode, which means there is a $300 discount, if interested contact us ASAP to secure the pre-sale price before it expires 3 days from now.


Do I need to have any tech skills or business experience?
Nope! You will learn as you go.

I don’t live in Australia, can I still work with you?
Yes, we have clients from all around the whole, including the UK, Canada, New Zealand and the USA

How much time will I need to spend working with you?
Approx 10 hours over 6-8 weeks however we can go at your pace.

Do you offer payment plans?

Business Jump Family

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