About The Business: Online Hair and Beauty (We can decide on the actual name with you)

Looking to convert your hair and/or beauty skills into an online business so you aren’t so dependant face to face work? Or simply just tired of being on your feet all day and want to flip over into a sell one to many format?

We can help you create a dedicated beauty, health and wellness online platform that is aligned with your natural skills and strengths and niched in to a specific target market so you can cut through the noise and crave out your own little slice of the revenue that can be made on the internet.

Whether you’ve got a love for beauty products or your a trained therapist we will get to know you and help you wrap an online business around your strengths and personality traits that is also designed to meet your goals. Whether it is online or offline classes or workshops, an online store selling beauty products and accessories, selling digital products or creating a membership or e-course we will help you refine the concept to suit you and launch into a profitable online business.

We’ve done a general board search for ‘natural makeup’ and even though we would suggest niching down even further than that (we’ll show you how) you can see there is PLENTY of demand for you to tap into.

For product based income streams the average industry conversion rate is 3%. Which means if you generate 20,000 hits to your website per month 500 (3%) should convert into sales. If your average profit is $15 per sale x 500 = $7,500 per month. The key here is to understand how do to that and that is what we help with.

At the moment this business is only at the idea stage and this is because it is better to work with you to create the business around your unique strengths and personality traits and that is in alignment with your values and goals.

We do this via my signature CTP Method, which is an accumulation of my 16 years business experience and enables us to create a very simple blueprint which covers the following:  

  • Your life and income goals
  • Your values and vision
  • Your life and work experience
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your personality traits
  • The amount of time you have available to spend on a business
  • Your mindset and energy levels

Then we create all your business assets like logo, website, accounts and all the bits in-between to get you ready to launch so you don’t have to sweat over all the techy stuff. Within this we include a simple but effective marketing strategy to follow and ongoing support in our Business Jump Family which is a private FB group of over 300+ like-minded business mums to offer you ongoing support so you’ve always got someone to chat to if you get stuck.


+ Brainstorming this specific concept, business names and niche
+ Income projections
+ Fully setup e-commerce WordPress website
+ Advanced admin panel for you to upload/delete/edit content and products
+ Professionally designed logo and website assets
+ Basic SEO
+ Social media links
+ Automatic backups
+ Newsletter opt-in to collect emails
+ Blog setup
+ Legal docs for your website and business
+ All accounts set up (Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, Gmail, Mailchimp, Emails etc)


+ Mindset strategies to set yourself up for success
+ An introduction on how to leverage off social media
+ How to convert traffic into sales
+ Additional income streams you can add
+ How to automate, outsource and streamline your business


You want to have someone help you start your business.
You are keen to learn how to utilise social media and digital marketing (required for an online business)
You have no formal experience, skills or expertise (you’ll learn it all on the job)
Have at least a general interest in yoga.


This is not MLM or a quick over night thing. This is running your own business and using an online strategy to grow it which does not rely on selling to friends. You also do not need to invest in any stock, we will work with you to determine the best income stream for your concept once we have refined it together. You can read more about income streams here.


  • We will help you refine this idea, along with your niche and income streams because this is one of the most important parts.
  • Our team of designers will work personally with you to create all of your branding and website assets to make the startup process easy peasy for you.
  • We offer ongoing support in our private Facebook community so you’ve got a community of like-minded mums always supporting you.
  • Our e-course is included which gives you insights on what you need to do to grow your business and make sales.

Pop in your email and I’ll send you all the info right now.


Do I need to have any tech skills or business experience?
Nope! You will learn as you go.

I don’t live in Australia, can I still work with you?
Yes, we have clients from all around the whole, including the UK, Canada, New Zealand and the USA

How much time will I need to spend working with you?
Approx 10 hours over 6-8 weeks however we can go at your pace.

Do you offer payment plans?





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