When I started Business Jump, I had no idea it would create a movement to change and empower other people’s lives.

I guess with the first one or two businesses I set up, they were just that… businesses.

But as I started to understand the power of what I was doing and as I connected with and listened to more mums and heard their stories I realised it was so much more.

I was creating a gateway for my clients to change their lives. To live on their terms, to create their own fulfilment, to be the deciders of their day, their lives.

Of course, I can only give them the platform and guidance, then the rest is up to them.

Knowledge is nothing, without action.

But the pride I feel when one of my new beautiful clients launches their business into the big online world is immense.

Exactly like what Melanie Grant did yesterday.

Her WHY is raw, real and powerful. It isn’t just a business for her, it’s a new way of life.

Here is Mel’s story:

In January this year, my little family and I made the big decision to pack up our suburban life and move to a more peaceful way of life in the Yarra Valley.

For me, this change has been a long awaited dream come true.

My amazing late-husband and I had a dream to live on a permaculture property, in a straw bale home and totally self-sufficient.

Sadly we lost Craig to cancer 8 years ago and ever since I have been looking for and longing to fulfil our dream.

Although we may not be self-sufficient or in a straw bale home, I feel myself saying “Yet” rather than never now.

Now my two children, Abigail and Matthew, and I spend our days talking about when they own their own pig farm and where we can put our “Tiny House”.

The dream may have slightly changed but it still excites me and fills me with purpose and a strong desire to learn all I can about being as self-sufficient as I can be.

Check out Mel’s website and support her over on Facebook. 


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