I may have joined a cult and got brainwashed last week.

Not 100% sure.

Each morning in the light of day I walked into a hall with 6000+ people.

There was dancing.

High fiving a lot of hands.

Happy people.

Sad people.




Love and peace.

Praise for the leader.

On Day 3 I walked out several hours later into the dark night feeling not normal.

Something had shifted.

I had changed.

Thoughts that used to bother me like…

‘I am not good enough…’ got cut off by my brain and instead I heard ‘fuck that bullshit’ 

‘No one wants to read what I wri….’  and again I heard ‘fuck that bullshit, share your story and those who resonate will connect and appreciate it’

‘I am not smart enough to have a successful busin… and again, ‘fuck that bullshit, you already HAVE a successful business, go out there and TRIPLE IT, it is yours for the taking’

I get that is a lot of swearing. 

There is at least one of you who doesn’t like my swearing, I know, I received your email and did you the favour of hitting my unsubscribe link for you. #peaceout

But, the ‘fuck this bullshit’ swearing…

Tony told me to say it.

Blame it on Tony Robbins and his Unleash The Power Within seminar I went to last week.

Seriously, though, you can’t really describe it as a seminar. More like ‘a dance party that feels like you are on drugs but you really aren’t so get ready to change your life because that’s what you are here and called on to do’ type thing.

Tony brainwashed my limiting beliefs and rewired my brain to slam any thoughts that don’t serve who I am and what I am here to do.

Made me realise that my one million dollar business could have been a five million dollar business by now, even a ten million dollar business.

And what had been holding me back comes down to something that we ALL do.

Our thoughts and belief system.

See, most of us are slaves to the thoughts that swirl in our minds, completely obvious to the fact that we have a choice whether to keep them or say ‘fuck that shit’ to them.

A lot of us missed the memo on that.

The memo is that sometimes what we believe isn’t actually real and when we think it is it can totally fuck up our lives.

‘I will fail, I am not good enough, it will be too hard, what will others think, that person doesn’t care, it will be a waste of time and money, no-one will like me, I won’t make any sales’

Ok, if you think so.

Literally. If you think it, that is your reality.

There is another choice you know?

Those who are already aware know the power of what it does.

You can switch those thoughts.

What if you ARE successful, what if you DO make it work, what if you DO make yourself proud, what if you do create a life of freedom, fulfillment, and profit? What if all the things you dream and desire DO come true?

Think about it. Even close your eyes for a minute and dare to dream what it would feel like when (not if) those things manifest into your everyday life.

Imagine if Mark Zuckerburg said to himself ‘I am not good enough to compete with Myspace, so I think I will just forget about doing this idea in my head that I was going to call FACEBOOK’

You can wire yourself to create any type of outcome you want. Most of us wire ourselves to believe that our negative thoughts are true and our positive thoughts aren’t.

Sorta shit that we have it around the wrong way isn’t it?

Limiting beliefs aren’t anything new for me. I have done a lot of self-development work on myself since my PND days and whilst I still fall off the wagon every now and again, because you know, life, I have been good enough at it to see the results in my business and life first hand. I am living the life I always dreamed of because I knew it was possible even before I saw any evidence of it being possible. 

I dreamed it, believed it and then real lifed it.

So here is what Tony and I know for sure…

We all have the power to be truly living in the light of our desires, purpose and true identity, even you.

But instead we opt-out in fear to try and protect ourselves from pain.

We choose to stay ‘safe’ in a full-time job and miss out on freedom and time with our children.

We choose to live groundhog day as a SAHM because it feels safer than the unknown.

We choose to avoid opportunities that are presented to us because we are scared they might not work out.

We choose to stay in the dark because we don’t know what is going to come tomorrow.

All because we fear.

This fear seeps into our lives even without us realising it.

It wraps itself around our feelings, emotions and thoughts like a snake and constricts us.

It splinters out in several different directions, but when it boils down to the very shallows, we all fear the same thing. No matter what you think your limiting belief is, ask yourself several layers of why? and you’ll arrive at the unwavering core of your fear.

We all fear not being enough, or not being loved.

But look… I have been in positions where I have felt the pain of not being loved and not being enough. I have failed, I have been rejected, I have made mistakes, I have lost, I have suffered. I have cried, I have hurt and I have pained.

Sure, it sucks but is it the end of the world?



In fact, I used it to become better and stronger than who I used to be. It opened up new doors and amazing opportunities for me. It wasn’t the end, it was the beginning.

The fear of being hurt makes us do drastic things… 

Like cut out people from our lives whom are loving and genuine.

Bypass amazing opportunities that could be more beautiful than we ever dreamed.

Say no to stuff that looks scary but could literally offer have more fulfillment and freedom than we ever could have dreamed of just on the other side.

But here is what I have learned, there is never a day where we wake up and the fear all of a sudden pops in to see you and says ‘Oh hey, just to let you know I have decided to leave, bye forever now’ 

Fear never goes away, the thoughts never stop trying to attack us, the threat of pain is always there.

We just get better at moving it aside and continuing as we intend.

My fear ebbs and flows, for the most part I have trained myself to no longer let it lead the show.

It has already cost me too much and hindered me from being further along than what I could be and after Tony, I am even more determined to power on without fear trying to take the steering wheel.

So, I want to ask you a really important question.

What have you said no to because of fear? Write it down, and then write down all the amazing things that could have happened if you said yes.

Those are the things your fear just cost you.

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