At Business Jump we help women start an online business every single day and you might be surprised to know that about 80% of the women we work with have no idea on what their idea should actually be or how to take those first steps because there are so many obstacles to overcome.

I personally love finding ideas and fleshing them out (good thing I started a business around just that!) and I share a lot about this process over on my Instagram (check it out by clicking here)

This process doesn’t take long if the information freely comes to you and you don’t let fear or limiting beliefs hold you back. However if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, worried or doubtful you might like to reach out to us to get some expert advice to help you keep making those steps forward.



All my ideas come from a place of seeing something that is a pain-point in my own life and finding a solution for it. I know that as a mum of four we all generally go through the same motions, wants and needs and if I personally have an interest in something (low-tox sunscreen, BPA-free baby bottles, clean eating, gut health, thriving after mental health for example) it is pretty safe to assume I am not the only one. 

If you want more help on finding an idea I extend on this in my free masterclass. 



Once you have the idea you want to start giving it an identity and the first step is a name. I like to choose names that describe what it is the business is doing. For example Business Jump. We are helping you take the jump into business. Or for example Twinfo. Twinfo is run by our client Naomi and it is a platform for – you guessed it – twins! Or Wholehearted Family Health which is run by Business Jump Family member Andrea. 

Once you have your name or a list of names make sure you check them out to ensure they are available. 

Go to:

– Crazy Domains and type in the domain name you’d like to use

– IP Australia and do a trademark search

– Go to ASIC and see if the name is already registered. 

– Use NameCheckr to see if it is available on social media 



Once you have your business idea then comes the part of working out your income streams and there are a few to choose from. At Business Jump our philosophy is to work smarter not harder and we don’t want to just set you up with any type of business we want to set you up with one that aligns you with your end goals. To give you the best chance of doing this we know that the income stream you choose is instrumental. 

You may like to read about the different types of income streams you probably don’t know about in my free passive income streams e-book. Download it by clicking here.



Next it time to refine what it is you are exactly offering. Say for example you’ve chosen a e-course as your income stream. Now you want to write down what is that specific e-course offering and what is the transformation it is going to help your students with? How much are you going to sell it for? Or maybe you’ve chosen affiliates as your income stream – what are the affiliate products you’re going to promote? 



Now that everything is going together it is time to move on to how your business is going to look and feel. 

I like to search images and put together boards of images to reflect the feeling and vibe I am going for (usually I do this on Stocksy because they are a high quality image platform and this first image is really important) I usually have an idea for the vibe I want to portray and I look at images that I connect with.

Once I have a collection of images I narrow them down and pull out the ones I like the colours of.

Then I put together a Pinterest board of similar colours/visuals and then send it to my designer to start mocking up the logos.

For a detailed overview on how to start your online business, download the New Business Checklist here.

Best of luck with your new venture!


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