You know there is one thing that has instantly helped my business get more sales, traction and recognition.

And that is the shift from taking to giving.

Giving time, content, benefits, information, truths, anything.

So, I want to throw something out to you.

Instead of joining Facebook groups to pimp your business and then leave straight away….

Try something different.

Be a part of our community.

Join in conversations.

Help others.

Share stories and real truths about yourself and your business.

I honestly know in my heart, one of the best ways to get your business out there is by not selling it directly.

Take the time to connect, be a part of a community.

Give support.

People will get to know you.

They will recommend you.

Refer to you.

They will tag and ask you questions when they need to know something about the service or product you provide.

This method flips things from you searching for business and sales to people banging down your door to work with you or buy your product as you’ve put the time in to show what you offer is valuable and beneficial to them without putting them off by cold selling point blank. It is much better for your business to network in facebook groups than do the hard sell. You will see your sales in facebook groups¬†rise and your profile increase through real interaction.

Go bang.

Looking for a Facebook Group to join?

Join the Business Remarkables Facebook Group!

I have never been one to do the whole 9-5 work thing. When I had my daughter it led me to start my own business which took blood, sweat and tears but I loved the freedom and choices it allowed me to make.

Running your own business takes a particular kind of person, you need to have grit, determination and to be able to get back up when you get kicked down. Sometimes we are known for being a little crazy too!

One of the things instrumental in my success and that has my saved my sanity at times has been being a part of a group of other like-minded business mums.

If you are one of our self-employed tribe or want to be, come and hang out with us in our Mastermind Facebook Group.

We are bluntly honest and transparent about what worked, what didn’t and you can learn, build, connect, collaborate and share ideas in a supportive little community. We share tips, tricks and hacks so you can grow a business the smart way.

To join our Facebook mastermind group, click here.

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