If you are running a business but just feel like there is never enough time during the day, I totally get it and have solved that little problem. Get more sales and time to spend in your business.

Here is how.

In my business, I have setup funnels and automations to manage parts of my business.

Funnels are simply a sequence of emails which automatically get triggered by various actions.

These funnels save me about 20 hours per week and continue to make sales for me even after we’ve wrapped up with the client.

Here is an example of my new client onboarding funnel for example.


This funnel is triggered when the client pays a deposit.

The first set of emails (in pink) are all about providing the client with the information they need to work with us, collecting the information we need from them and confirming the inclusions of their package.

It also introduces them to Belinda, who will be coordinating their project from here on in.

After 7 days, another email is sent out from me, just to touch base with the client and let them know, despite handing the job over to Belinda, that I am still overviewing everything and still around if they need to chat through anything with me.

This is really all about customer service and client nurturing.

Pre-sale, I have liaised with them and built a relationship, I don’t want them to think I have just dropped off the face of the earth and I want them to know that all though Belinda has taken over as their main contact, I am still there to help if they need me.

When we’ve finished the job, we add a tag to trigger the next email (orange). This email is the handover/wrap up email and gives them all the info they need to know about their website and package. I also ask them for any feedback and check in to ensure they are 110% happy with everything.

Next I have thought to myself, if I was starting a business, what other valuable information would I need to know? So, the next emails are all about providing value, such as how to register an ABN, which accounting software I recommend, additional info like Facebook e-courses they might like to check out, and business books I have read and recommend.

It is important to note that within these emails are affiliate links. But, I only recommend what I have used myself before and it is a great way to provide more value to my client and still make additional side incomes.

It is true that this funnel is focused on a service, as opposed to a product. So, for those of you with a product, you can still create a sequence like this that upsells, down sells, cross-sells to your customer after they have purchased from you.

If I was still running my old business, which was product based and knew about funnels back then, I would create a funnel like this:

Customer purchases a product:

Email #1 – Thank you and how much their purchase is appreciated

Email #2 – Follow up email a week later to ensure they received the product and were happy and if so would they post a review

Email #3 – A few days later, I would send an email that did not sell at all. It would provide some really useful info related to what they purchased

Email #4 – A few days later, I would do the same but skew the info of the email to the product sell that was coming in the next email

Email #5 – Next day send an email to a related product that would be a natural progression for your customer to buy, offer a discount or incentive, put a time limit on it

Email #6 – Advise discount or incentive is expiring in a few hours

Rinse and wash.

If I was still selling organic cotton onesies, I would go one further and create a funnel which was set to 3-6 months down the track after someone purchased say for example a 000 size, the email would ask them if they needed any 00 or 0’s.

The reason why this strategy is so powerful, is because you are selling to a customer who already knows and likes you, they have purchased off you before and if you come from a place of providing value which genuinely helps them it is win/win.

Main takeaway: It is easier to sell to an existing customer than to make a new customer.

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