Building a Facebook Group is one of the best ways you can grow your brand and your business. Most people focus on their Facebook Business pages, but the struggles with post reach, engagement and fresh content are real.

So what if you could build a community of your fans and interact with them in a more personal way. Getting to know your fans and group members will certainly help you know your audience and target market and you might find what you thought you knew, is not what you need to know!

Build a Facebook Group

First and foremost, you need to create a group… duh! I know, it is the blatantly obvious, but it has to be said for the sake of this flowing. Create your group the same as you did your business page. Click on settings under your profile and find the menu “Create Group”. Make sure you give your group a catchy name that will make people want to join. Just calling it ‘Jo’s handmade Socks Group’ probably isn’t going to get you much traffic or interest.

Market Your Group

Once you have created your group, you are going to need members. Some may find you over time when looking for your “special something” that you are providing, but for the meantime, you will need to do some leg work. The best place to market your new group is to your existing Facebook followers. Share the link with them and pay to boost your post so that more of your members will see it – unfortunately Facebook doesn’t like self promotional posts all that much. Encourage them to share with their friends and build you community of like-minded individuals.

Have Links In Your Blog Posts

Do you have a blog, why not have links in your blog leading people to your group. Mention that if they want to know more about your blog topic or engage with like-minded people then your group is the best place to do that. And mention it is free. People love free!

Promote Your Group In A Facebook Ad

Do you have a special “How To” blog you have just written that is getting great traction? Why not promote it on Facebook in an ad and draw more people to your website and then lead them to your Facebook Group. People love a blog or article that can solve a problem for them. They will click on the link to find out more and then once you have drawn them in, you can then lead them to your ultimate goal of getting them to join your new community.

Promote On Your Website

Do you have a website with your business. This is your best asset and the place people will go to for more information and to ultimately find out more about you, your products or service and to buy! Your website is your advertising space, so use it wisely. Put a call to action on your side bar or home page that prompts people to click and join your group.

Newsletters and Sign Up E-mails

If you collect e-mail addresses on your website (if not why not!) then include your Facebook Group link in the follow up e-mail or in your signature block. Just because you have e-mail subscribers, doesn’t mean they will know about your group, so let them know about it and how much you would love them to join.

So there you have it, in just a few steps, you can create and build a Facebook Group and in turn your own little community of people who are itching to get to know you, each other and what you have to offer.

So what are you waiting for!

Would you like to get a taste of what a business community of like-minded Mums in business can do for you? We would love to have you over in our Business Remarkables Mastermind Group where you can meet other Mums in business and network and chat in a safe and welcoming environment.



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