We all love to think that our business is the best idea ever and everyone will want a piece of it. Unfortunately, that is not always true. Just as one person likes brussel sprouts and one doesn’t, not everyone is going to love your business.

But that’s ok. With billions of people in the world, there are more than enough potential clients out there for everyone.

I believe everyone’s business can succeed, you just need the right formula.

In the modern world of technology, it is drummed into us as business owners how important social media is for reaching our audience. There has never been a more powerful way to reach so many people all at once.

Once a business could really only target the customer down the street or within their own village. Now we can reach the other side of the world in a single heart beat! It is quite amazing when you think about it.

So, with such a powerful platform of reaching so many potential customers, how can social media be bad for your business?

I’ll give you three words – Social Media Etiquette.

How you portray yourself and your business on social media can be the make or break of you. Sure, reaching millions of people with your positive business posts can grow your business. But think about the effect negative posts can have and trust me, they will reach just as many people. So for every win you have, you can have just as many fails.

Now, social media etiquette isn’t just about not swearing in a public forum or putting on your best face. It is about how others view both you and your business.

With so many people viewing social media everyday, you have to be mindful that they will judge you and your business on a single post or a single comment. So think about what you write first.

Here is a list of our social media etiquette do’s and don’ts:


Share your knowledge – If someone asks for help or advice in a group or on a post, then help them if you can. Give advice and share your knowledge.

Network – Networking is one of the best ways to build a following and (in time) a potential customer base. People relate to people.

Post regularly – Post regularly on your business pages. But not too much so that people get sick of you. Let them know what is happening in your business and share a bit about yourself too.

Like other posts – Share the love. Show your support for others by liking their posts and pages (if you truly do) and they might in turn like yours. This will help with your reach and getting your name out there.

Join groups – Join groups, network with others and share your knowledge. You might pass on some good ideas, but you might get some as well.


Spam – Spamming is so common on social media because it is easy. But it is hated by everyone! It does nothing for your business except piss people off and no one actually buys from spammy posts.

Hijack – Don’t hijack someone else’s post or advert. Jumping in and commenting how your product is better or cheaper or you wouldn’t buy x because of y reason doesn’t look good. It just looks like sour grapes.

Post and run – Don’t just post your ad or post in 10 groups and then run away. It doesn’t actually work and all you are doing is wasting your time and running the risk of people opting to not see your posts anymore, which has a negative impact for you on Facebook.

Share links from your page with no value – Posting random posts from your business page with no relevant content also just looks spammy. All you do is run the risk of getting booted from the group.

Linking your pages – If you are commenting on a post, don’t just link your business without adding value. In fact, there is no need to link your business at all. If someone is taken enough by your comment, they will ask you.

In order to make social media work for you and your business you need to adopt a social media etiquette that is befitting of a successful business. Also be mindful that your personal profile is a reflection on your business, especially if you are a sole trader and you are your business. People will view this before engaging in your services.

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