Life is one big roller coaster, and the ups and downs of the business world are no exception. One day you are flying and the next you are ready to chuck it all in and say “screw you!”

But as the infamously annoying 1997 Chumbawamba song goes…

“I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never going to keep me down” (cue song spinning around in your head!)

You’re not going to keep this entrepreneur down!

So, what happens when you don’t meet your goals?

It doesn’t mean anything, but try harder, and set them higher.

Last month, I set myself a goal to secure 5 sales for my custom packages.

I was pretty hell bent on meeting this goal.

It got to the end of the month and I did it….

And, then two jobs fell through as they unexpectedly couldn’t arrange the finance.

Then the third one didn’t pay a deposit until the 1st of May, I really wanted to slip it in for April so I could at least say to myself I got 3 jobs instead of 2 out of the 5 I aimed for, but alas, added it to May instead.

For May, I was hesitating on whether to set my goal for 6 jobs since I didn’t manage 5, but I did it anyway.

There was a moment where I almost let a small shimmer of doubt in…

If I couldn’t meet my goal for April, could I meet it for May?

But, I know so importantly, our rewards come from the energy we put out to the universe.

So, I set it for 6.

We got to the end of May and we’ve accepted deposits for 10 jobs and have another 3 pending.

That is double my goal for April, and 4 more than my May goal.

It is pretty epic.

On top of that, I had 10 lovely, amazing people sign up to the Business Jump Starter e-Course.

Which I am stoked with, since I only did a pretty off the cuff 48-hour launch.

So, here is the thing.

It’s all about mindset.

When I didn’t meet my goal, I didn’t cry in my soup.

I didn’t adjust my goal trajectory to a lower standard.

I projected even higher, to keep momentum.

And practiced daily gratitude for the packages I had secured.

If you are feeling shit because you haven’t reached your goals yet, just remember…

Tomorrow everything could change and be flipped upside down.

You never know what amazing things are around the corner.

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