What packages do you have?

We have the following packages:

Pre-made idea: This is where we’ve come up with the idea for you, or you may have your own idea you’d like to debrief with us; however the business has not been created yet. We do this so we can work with you personally to understand your goals and vision and then we mold the rest of the business around it. Even though the idea has been formed we do have some flexibility to continue shaping it to suit you and your expertise and visions. 

Custom package: This is perfect if you want to explore a few different ideas (up to 3) as this package allows us more time to work together in the concept stage. We work with you personally to understand your goals and vision and then we mold the rest of the business around it. Even though the idea has been formed we do have some flexibility to continue shaping it to suit you and your expertise and visions. 

You’ll receive: 
1:1 support to chat through your idea if you have one already, or we’ll work with you to find an idea. A lot of the time, we find an idea the first time and don’t need to look at other ideas.
1:1 support in identifying the correct income stream along with income projections so you can understand how much traffic you need to your website to start making sales as per industry standard conversion rates.
1:1 support in narrowing your niche, USP and, a starter introduction to your marketing strategy that is aligned to your strengths. 
1:1 support and guidance on designing your logo, website and any relevant social media images. 
Our team will set up all your accounts that are specific to launching your online business.
Additional: Access to our client-only FB group.

Are there any ongoing costs or fees Business Jump charges?

None. We do not take any commissions or charge anything beyond the one-time package cost. Once final payment has been received the business is all yours. Our client only FB group is free for 3 months.

What type of support do you offer?

When you come on board we offer support and guidance over your concept, income streams, business model and the design and branding of your logo and website. It is not uncommon for us to form a close relationship through this stage so feel free to consider us your business BFFs. On day 7 of being with us you will get access to our secret Facebook group free for 3 months where myself and my team are to answer any questions you may have. 

What do I actually get?

A beautifully designed WordPress website 

A beautifully designed WordPress website that most importantly is designed to capture leads and sales and connect with your audience. It comes with all the stuff you’d expect, designed by our professional designers but most importantly it is setup to allow you to automate and scale – this is where your freedom comes from. Your website is the front door to your business, get this part wrong and you’ve failed before you have even started.

1:1 Business Consultation and Coaching 

Consultation on your business idea, business niche, messaging and income streams, the most important part to get right, we will walk you through each part to help you make clear decisions about how your business is going to look, feel and serve. This part is instrumental is setting yourself up for success and feeds into our work smarter not harder philosophy because it feeds into your sales and marketing.

Business Jump Starter e-course 

Access to my e-course which details the exact strategy you need to grow your business. It is one thing to have a business but it is completely another thing to know how to use it to make a return on your investment and continue scaling way past that. It may sound complicated and overwhelming but I promised you, each day you learn a new pieces to the puzzle it will all star to fold into together.

Ongoing Support in our Business Jump Family Community 

Ongoing support in the Business Jump Family private Facebook group free for 3 months. Join a community of like-minded business mums and have my ongoing support in our private group so you never have to feel lost or alone. Ask as many questions as you need to, or watch the videos and masterclasses.

Business Branding

Our professional designers will create your brand aesthetic in line with how you want your business to look, feel and translate.

Other techy and misc stuff also included like registering your domain name, hosting, social media accounts, checking trademarks and more.

That’s the tangible stuff, which as you know is so important to get right when you are starting a business, but to be honest with you, there is so more value that can’t have a price next to it.

  • The time we save you from having to work it all out by yourself, when working with us, we only need about 10 hours of your time and then we do everything else for you – This is the start of your journey to freedom – you get other people to do the stuff for you, especially experts like us who know how to nail it straight away.

  • The anxiety from not knowing whether you are setting everything up properly, there have been many businesses that fail straight from the start because they’ve made major newbie mistakes. – This is the start of working smarter, not harder – learning from people who are ten steps ahead of you.

  • Having someone who ‘gets it’ to help support you through all the big decisions you’ll need to make as it can be really hard when it is just you and sometimes we overthink things and end up going around and around in circles – this is the start of utilising the power of your mindset and learning how to create and grow momentum.

  • Having a done for you package instead of having to hire people separately and get different quotes for each thing so you can save time and focus on working on the parts that you love – This is the start of  learning how to work in your zone of genius which leads to faster and results that come at ease.

  • Learning our mindset and success hacks and the behind the scenes ropes of what it takes to run a successful business to set yourself up for the best possible chance of creating profit and freedom as a WAHM. – Let me tell you a million dollar secret – business is 85% mindset and 25% strategy and working it all out as a mum while we have kids at our feet you want to be taking the path of least resistance at every corner.
How much time does it take?

In regards to how much time you will need to invest, we have members in the Business Jump Family that spend a few hours a week right up to 20 -40 hours per week.

The biggest thing to know is it is totally up to you and that is the beauty of an online business as you can scale it around your life and even 10 minutes a week is better than nothing in order to get started, obviously your results will reflect the time you put into it but starting small and scaling up is a good way to start for us mums, who are busy but want an online business.

There generally never is a ‘right time to start a business and to set yourself up for success it is about learning to flow within the current as opposed to waiting for the current to stop and let you pass. What you will find is if you commit to finding just a an hour or two this time will start to expand as you go.

The faster you want results the more time is required, but if you are happy for things to grow organically then work on it when you can. To start gaining traction, I would estimate a minimum of approx 10 hours a week if following our strategy. 

What are your business philosophies?

We believe, and educate that a successful business comes down to 80% mindset and 20% strategy. Understanding what you need to do to grow your business is the easy part once you know how, but actually implementing it is the harder part. We believe in working smarter, not harder and keeping things simple, mastering one thing at a time and then scaling it and step and repeating. We believe life is for thriving, not surviving and we believe that we are so much more capable then we ever dreamed of and finally we believe an online business can be the vehicle to help you create and live the life you dream of living.

Can I go international with my business?

Yes, totally! It is completely up to you which direction you’d like to take your business in.

How much will it cost me to run my business?
We craft these businesses to run extremely on a really lean budget.
You have your hosting and domain which is approx $100 every year. That is your only absolute requirement and your first year is included in your package, so you only need to pay this from year 2.

Then you would just have optional expenses like accounting software, social media planners, images, email marketing software, but there are loads of free options to get around paying for these services and you don’t 100% need them while you are starting out.

Do I need to have any tech skills or business experience?

Nope! You will learn as you go.


When will I start to make money?

I wish I could give you an exact date, but to be honest it would be immoral of me to make promises of this nature. We will provide you the platform and strategy but if you don’t put any time into implementing it then no results will transpire.

We will however, give you income projections via our CTP Method so you can understand your earning capasity and the steps you need to take to gain momentum. 


I don’t live in Australia, can I still work with you?

Yes, we have clients from all around the whole, including the UK, Canada, New Zealand and the USA

Does this business have any profit and loss statements, projections or customers?

No. This business has not started trading so we do not have this data to provide to you.

Will Business Jump create another business the same as the one I purchase?

No, we will never clone your business. However obviously no one owns a concept, and we do reserve the right to create a similar concept but we will always work to ensure it is not a clone. We believe that everyone is entitled to start a business and wouldn’t want to deny a Mum just like you, who wants to start a business the opportunity to start the business of her dreams just because there is a similar concept we’ve done before. What makes your business special and unique is you. Bring your uniqueness to your business in your message, content and voice and that is how you will stand out. We also believe that in this world of billions of people there are enough customers for everyone.

Do you register an ABN, account/tax info, trademarking or business registration?

No, this isn’t included in the package.

How long does it take to create my business?

The timeframe is approx 6-12 weeks at the moment however this is not a guarantee and it also does depend on whether you’re on a payment plan. 

For example, if you’re on a 12-week payment plan our timeframe will extend out to 12 weeks. 

There are some variables that will extend (or even contract) the timeframe such as communication delays on your end (which is totally fine btw) or if you have an out-of-scope request or if we need information from a third party. 

Within our project however we will only need approx 10 hours of your time total and this is mainly at the start to create your business blueprint, we will then implement everything we have discussed and come back to you for approvals.

Anything else I need to know?

I want to point out this is not MLM or an overnight get rich quick scheme. This is learning the skills and tools you need and starting your very own online business which we help you with. I would look at working with us as an education process, you’ll learn how to start an online business and you can use the experience to set yourself up for many other businesses if you wanted to.