Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or a bit lost on whether business is for you? Every now and again I offer free chats to people who I feel I can help the best. I have 16 years business experience and 10 years business experience whilst working from home and dealing with mum life.

As I mum of four I completely understand the pressures, fears and dreams we have as mums and business owners and I work intuitively to find that ONE major thing that can help set you on the right path or that can offer a realignment.

Over the last four years I’ve grown Business Jump to over $2 million in revenue via multiple income streams, I’ve built an online community to a collective 50,000 (includes social media and mailing list) and I have faced some of my deepest fears and done a lot of soul work plus also run a household with 4 kids (5 kids if you include my husband!!)

These are just casual free 20 minute chats that give us a chance to connect and where I can help you break free of what has been holding you back so you can move forward into your purpose and higher callings.

Interested? Enter your details in the below form and if I feel I can help you I will reach out to connect.