Free and paid resources to help you launch your online business

Podcasts that will change the way you view things for the better:

Using intuition for business – J K Rowling and Oprah
Overcoming fear – Brene Brown
Why our thoughts matter – Mark Groves and Bruce Lipton
How to find confidence – Lewis Howles
How to figure things out – Marie Forleo
Window of Possibility – James Wedmore

Medicinal Mushrooms > click here
I take these every day, in my coffee. Not only are medicinal mushrooms amazing at boosting energy, thought clarity and reducing brain fog they are also known for inflammation reduction, immunity-boosting and anxiety treatment and they help me be more productive.

HOT TIP: I  buy my mushrooms from the Shop Back app which means I get money back on my purchase, if you haven’t heard of it before its an awesome little app where you basically get a discount on everything you need to purchase. Simply pop over to this link, then search KISSED EARTH MUSHROOMS BRAIN ELIXR and then try not to become obsessed with how much you can save on everyday items!

Gain clarity and insights by journaling with my guided e-book and worksheets > click here
If you’re trying to come up with an idea but drawing blanks download my workbooks which will help you map out your why, your idea and income streams plus set goals and intentions to take the action you need to launch your online business.

How to make your first $1000 action plan > click here
Download this quick and free action plan that guides you on how to use a simple and traditional online marketing conversion calculation to figure out how and when you’ll make your first $1000.

Find a business idea challenge > click here
Stuck on how to find your business idea and want to know how to choose the right one? Take our free 3-day challenge and we’ll guide you through simple steps and things to look for so that you can gain clarity and confidence in choosing the right idea.

Business and mindset planner > click here
Download this free business and mindset planner to help you stay consistent and motivation to take steps of action every day so you can turn your dream into reality, also includes how you can find more energy, inspiration and opportunities.

Passive income streams ebook > click here
Wondering just how much you can earn with an online business and whether it is worth it? Download this free e-book and open up your window of possibility and learn about all the different types of income streams and business models you can apply to your idea.

1:1 coaching call with Nat > click here
If you need someone with years of expertise and knowledge to bounce your ideas around with, or to help you find that idea book in a chat with Nat so that you can gain valuable insights on how to validate and monetise an online business idea.

Jump Start Your Online Business e-course > click here
This e-course takes you through each stage in depth with specific instructions, videos and advice on the A-Z of setting up and launching your online business.

Businesses for sale > click here
Want someone to figure out the perfect online business idea for you? We’ve done just that! Have a browse through our businesses for sale and see if there are any that suit you.

Done for you business launch package > click here
Know you really want to start an online business and want us to help you launch it so that you set everything up right from the very start to save you time and money in the long run? Check out how we can help.

How to grow your audience starter pack > click here
Once you are ready to launch the next step is growing your audience so you can build a pool of potential buyers. I assist my clients with an audience > traffic > leads > sales strategy which builds in KLT (know, like, trust) The first step is growing your audience via a few select social media channels. To learn how to get started growing your audience pop over and check out Rachel Millers’ tutorial on how to grow your audience, Rachel is a leader in the online business world and helped businesses grow their audiences in the millions.