As Mums, there is already a lot to fret over if we allow ourselves so don’t add choosing a business name to the list!

Follow our five simple tips to choose a business name and know what’s most important is to make a quick decision and move on the rest of the startup phrase. Otherwise a little common thing called analysis paralysis can come into play and send you in a washing machine of thoughts.

Here are five tips to help you quickly lock in a business name:

1. Does it sound good? Say it to yourself and then say it to someone else. Does it sit right with you? Do you feel excited and proud? Will it translate to people saying it on the radio, TV, Youtube, or in conversation?

2. Abbreviations are not cute. Ok, so when hearing about ‘Flickr’ would you know it’s spelt with an “er” or not?  And I really couldn’t even have any idea about how to spell without looking it up. We aren’t high school students, we are lean mean business women and to be honest, it would be such a PITA having to spell it out for people all the time.

3. Side step initials. Why? They are just boring, no? Ok so, IBM and 3M have gotten away with initials, but do they inspire you?

4. Can you Trademark it? Some of us have plans for world domination and others, not so much. Look into the future to your end goal, as depending on how big you plan to grow your business this is a vital step.

5. Google AdWords. Sign up to Adwords and check out the “find keywords” tool. It will list similar phrases, along with how many searches each are getting so you can see how popular the word is on the interwebz. Don’t forget to do a standard Google search as well and see what comes up.

Bonus Tip: Check to see if the domain you want to use is available, you may have to try a few different variations and if you can’t get the one you want it could be the make or break for your business name


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Don’t be scared to take the leap and start your business, be excited for all the amazing things that will come from it.

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