Do you know anyone thinking of starting an online business in 2020?

I was just wondering…
Do you know anyone thinking of starting an online business in 2020?
If so…
You can earn hundreds of dollars.
Because I have a new referral program.
So you’ll get paid for sending your friends to us (if they sign up that is)
I am always so honoured when people refer Business Jump.
We strive really hard to do the best job we can.
So, I want to thank you, and also reward you.
Our referral program is designed to be a win – win – win for everyone involved.
It is simple and easy.
And, you’ll make 5% of every sale that turns official.
That’s anywhere from $150 – $300 per person you send to us.
Here are some quick FAQs:
What does Business Jump do specifically?
We help mums start an online business from anywhere.
See more info here:
What is included in your package?
We work one to one with our clients.
To develop a idea and concept for an online business.
Then we create all of the tangible assets needed like:
business name
logos and branding
social media accounts
and everything in-between.
Do you do anything else?
Yes, we also help existing business owners redesign and realign their website if it is outdated.
Do people I refer already need to have an idea?
We have a really simple strategy.
We use it to flesh out amazing ideas that are perfectly suited to our clients.
Or if they do already have an idea we help them validate it.
Do they need to have any experience?
None at all.
Although it is a big learning curve.
That is why we include our Business Jump Starter e-course which gives you the insights on how to get started running your business.
Are you MLM?
No, not at all!
This is a real online business that our clients own 100% and are responsible for.
Can clients pause their project or go at their own pace?
Yes absolutely, we are busy mums too.
We completely understand sometimes we need to pause a few things if life gets hectic.
What else do I need to know?
We offer a 7-day refund promise.
Which means if a client decides not to work with us after 7-days we refund the deposit no questions asked.
This gives our clients a good chance to get to know us and feel confident they made the right decision.
When do I receive my commission?
Your commission will be paid 4 weeks after the client signs up.
How much is my commission?
Your commission is 5% of the sale.
Our packages are $3000 – $5000+
That means you’ll be making anywhere from $150 – $300+ per referral.
What do I specifically need to do?
Spread the word about Business Jump in an genuine and authentic way.
Keep your ears open when having conversations with friends, family or work colleagues.
Post about us on your Facebook page, email your friends.
Recommend us if you see someone asking in a Facebook group.

Can we do an actual campaign together?

Yes. And in fact if you’re a business I recommend this. If you want me to write a blog, appear on a podcast or you want some free content promote I can organise that.

Can I use the 5% commission referral fee for me, if I want to work with you?
But, yes.
You can twist my arm.
How do I get started?
Fill out the form here:
It takes two seconds ?