Imagine having a whole team of industry experts to consult – just when you need it!

The Business Jump Members group is an affordable NEW way to help grow your business. You’ll have exclusive access to weekly strategy sessions, done-for-you templates and a variety of business training events.

Stop struggling with your business alone.

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed with information, engulfed with online courses that you’ll never have time to complete and feel like you are running your business all on your own?

Let us put an end to all that with our Business Jump Members Group.


Monthly group Trainings

Each month we will have a 30-minute training session on a specific topic relating to your business. We’ll bring in experts on topics such as social media, sales funnels, product development, lead magnets and mindset coaches.

Weekly Group Strategy Calls

This is your opportunity to chat with our specialist about all aspects of your business. This is your direct access to our business and communication strategist who comes online each week to chat through all aspects of your business.

Social Media Content Calendar

We know how much time it takes trying to think of things to post on your social media accounts. Each month we take the stress out of it and provide you with a monthly content calendar. You can either follow it day-by-day or pick and choose elements that you would like to use from it.

Done for you templates

We know, as busy Mums ourselves, we don’t have time for extensive online courses, so we have cut out the time-consuming part and have done-for-you templates for you to fill in to grow your business.

Community support

A wonderful community of like-minded mums, all growing their businesses and helping each other.


We know how powerful it can be to be held accountable, so we have the option to match you with an accountability partner who can encourage you, hold you accountable to your goals and celebrate your wins with you.


We want you to be happy with your investment and we are so confident that this group will change your business that we are offering one month’s free access. 


I’m absolutely in love with this group – its a huge credit to you. 

Charlotte Nolan-Sweet

Still have questions?

Who is the Business Jump Members group for?

he Business Jump Members group is  perfect for Mum entrepreneurs wanting to launch, grow or diversify their business. From fashion designers to life coachers, we provide assistance to suit all types of businesses.

Is there a schedule for monthly content?

There is! We carefully plan our month in advanced and tailor it for the current needs of our group members. A sample month may include:

Week One: 

  • Weekly Business Strategy group call Topic: Q&A, you have the questions, we will find the answers 
  • Monthly Content Calendar released
Week Two:
  • Weekly Business Strategy group call: Topic: Customer Avatar – Why it’s so important and how to use it. Accompanied by our Customer Avatar interactive template
  • Monthly Training: Get started on instagram with Stevie Says Social
Week Three:
  • Weekly Business Strategy group call Topic: Hashtag mania! How what and why you need them. Accompanied with our hashtag cheat sheet with over 300 hashtags
  • Chat with Nat: Passive income, what it is and why you need it.
Week Four
  • Weekly Business Strategy group call Topic: Q&A, you have the questions, we will find the answers.
  • Monthly Goal Setting Group Session: What goals are you going to set for next month and what steps are you going to take to achieve them.
How long do I have to stay in the members group?

As long as you like! Unlike other memberships that require a minimal commitment, we understand that circumstances change so you can cancel anytime! 

Thank you, beautiful ladies!! It’s ALL totally achievable for all of you in your niches…We are blessed we have such a great community of like minded women wanting to pursue their dreams and lifestyle.

Angela Mawer

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?