Before you launch your business you may be thinking and feeling lots of nervous thoughts and energy. This project that you’ve put your heart and soul into is now ready to be launched into the online world and people are going to see it! 

The biggest thing I would like to share from here on in is, it is completely up to you if you’d like to launch big or not do a proper launch at all. The latter just means you get started without doing any special announcements or events. Both work well and it totally up to you, with what you decide to do.

The members of the Business Jump Family who we have helped get started all choose what feels best for them. We recommend doing this based on your energy levels, your confidence levels and your strengths and weaknesses along with some other insights we share in our private community. 

If you decide not to do a launch, just get started posting on social media, following your start-up strategy and getting familiar with how business works. 

If you decide you’d like to do a launch, I share a lot of tips and advice on my Instagram page and also my Facebook group Remarkable Business Mums. It is a community of over 15,000 like-minded business mums.

Here are a collection of the best and easiest tips to help you get started:


Before your website is ready to go you can have a ‘coming soon’ page with an email sign up. This way you can generate buzz about your website and build an email list. On this page you link your email sign up to your email marketing software (think Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Mailerlite). By creating an email list early, you can use this to advise potential customers with announcements on your launch. This can include pre-sales and products whilst you are finishing off all the bells and whistles behind the scenes.


With all your marketing leading up to the launch, pre-create images and copy that can be scheduled beforehand. This will free you up to answer enquiries and drum up excitement in groups and other avenues prior to the launch. Also, once you select a launch date, stick to it. Nothing worse than setting a date and then moving it around, not only confusing for you but your customers will also lose interest as they won’t know when things are happening with your business.


Nothing is going to be perfect and honestly if you wait for everything to be perfect, you will never launch your business, the secret is good enough as perfection is an illusion — we believe it makes us better but actually harms us by hindering our progress. Did you know that perfectionism is usually masking a major fear? Perfectionists often fear that they will no longer be accepted. Trying to be perfect is a way of trying to protect themselves from criticism, rejection, and disapproval. All-or-none thinking but it will get you nowhere fast in business so aim for good enough, and surrender the rest.


The launch and start of the business is the hardest stage as you have no audience, which means no one really knows about you, you have no trust build, no brand awareness, no credibility and no social proof. All these things tie into sales conversions so take some time to choose a platform or two on social media and build your following so you’ve got some people to launch to a long side your email list.


Many businesses get into the idea that they have to launch with everything they want to have included within their entire business vision. This is so not true. You can launch your business with whatever you want, in fact the smaller and the similar the better. Treat your first launch as a building block as you go; you’ll grow and evolve with it into bigger versions based on the intel and feedback you get with on the ground experience. 

We spoke to Oh My Digital about what advice they give to clients about launching and they had some great tips.

“The BIGGEST piece of advice we can give to businesses about to launch – is to plan ahead! We always recommend starting with a solid digital marketing plan. Where you’ve well researched out your idea, set quantifiable goals and know exactly how you’re going to execute your plan. Without a plan, you’re just posting and hoping for the best. One big mistake we see a lot of businesses make is that they launch without a build-up, and they only reach out to their social network and don’t think beyond it. Once you dig into a little bit of research you can determine where your audience are hiding, and make sure you’re covering the best platforms to reach them, and drive them off your socials, and to your big launch! Best of luck!”

I hope this inspires you to get a plan together for your launch and just to go for it! You will never know what business has in store for you until you start.

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