Becoming a Mum changes everything and for most of us, we realise that we want to do life differently because we become a lot more mindful of where our time and energy goes.

We crave to start creating more beautiful moments, we feel the whirl of life passing so fast, we yearn to be more present and we feel the calling to challenge ourselves, and I share a lot of these moments over on my Instagram feeds @hellofromnat and @business_jump because what I know for sure is an online business can help you change your trajectory and find more beautiful moments in your day.

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The thing is though, maybe you’ve got no clue what your passion is or how to get started in finding the time to create those moments. You’re certainly not alone; in my Facebook group there are over 15,000+ like-minded mums who also figuring things out and working  towards building a business and doing things their own way who share the same thoughts and ambitions. 

So want to get started? Here are some tips:

1. Goals & Aspirations

Before you begin a business it is important you look inward at yourself first. Define your passions, goals and aspirations and I know some of you might get stuck here too, not everyone knows what their passion is and that is totally fine. At the very least, have a think about what your WHY is, why do you want to start a business? This way you can use the motivation and intention behind your why to move you forward.

Next, it really important to understand whether your business model is in alignment with your end-goals which include financial, spiritual and energetic and if you’re not sure how to do this feel free to reach out to me. I find writing it all out helps me to narrow down exactly what I want to achieve. With your goals, be specific in both what you want and timeframe and then stick it somewhere you can see it every day so you can stay motivated and on track and remember, where our attention goes, energy flows.

TIP: Sometimes knowing what you don’t want can also be as insightful as knowing what you do want. 

2. Business Concept

Once you have reviewed your goals and/or your why, it is now time to look at the business side of things. Now there are a lot of myths in the online world and the biggest thing to know is for sure you can make some calculated guesses but you won’t know if your idea is viable for sure, until you try it. So either hire someone to help you get it right from the start or start as simple as you can and don’t fall into the trap of making it too complicated as the key here is to grow it as you go whilst finding your feet. Think of it like following a breadcrumb trail. #mmmmcarbs 

TIP: Your idea is 20% and your execution is 80% so action is more important than anything here.

3. Business Design

Once you understand your concept it is important to create your business branding so everything is in alignment with your goals and values. Branding includes your logo, website and also your brand language, look, feel, vision and story. I am going to be a little bit lovingly brutal here, this is where I see STACKS of businesses shoot themselves in the foot before they have already started. They try to DIY to save some money but the truth is unless you have online business design experience you run a very high risk of creating a brand that looks amateur and cheap which is a huge missed opportunity at best and instant failure at worst.

TIP: If you’re going to DIY be brave and ask in Facebook groups like mine for honest feedback.

4. Business Plan

Those in the Business Jump and Remarkable Business Mums communities will probably know I am not the biggest fan of planning which comes as a shock to a lot of people. I used to think that I was doing it all wrong because the internet loves to tell you that ‘to not plan is to plan to fail’ but at Business Jump we focus on expanding your strengths, and some people are like me and work better on the fly, in small increments to feel things out. Some people thrive on planning and some people like me thrive on winging it and either way is absolutely ok as long as we are mindful of the pros and cons to each. This was one of the reasons why I created my CTP Method which means when we help someone start an online business we take into account the following to find a low cost, low time, high-profit strategy for them:

  • Your life and income goals
  • Your values and vision
  • Your life and work experience
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your personality traits
  • The amount of time you have available to spend on a business
  • Your mindset and energy levels

I also designed the perfect middle-ground to help mums just like you get started which is my one -page business plan. To download my free 1-page business plan just click here.

TIP: If you’re not a natural planner don’t force yourself to spend time with a detailed plan, you are better off learning on the ground.

5. Business Mindset

No one can tell you what you will be up against in business and that is exactly why we infuse mindset into every element of working with our clients. From the concept and blueprint creation stage to the design stage to the launch stage and especially through to the growth stage. I know starting a business can feel scary but when we re-frame things into what we can achieve instead of what we can lose it starts to change shape. My best piece of advice that trumps everything is, invest just as heavily in your mindset as your business because to build a successful business you need to build a successful you.

TIP: Mindset will be the make or break of your business so spend time learning how to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs.

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